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Laryngeal Cancer

Laryngeal cancer is a disease that affects the larynx (commonly called the Adam’s apple or voice box). While smoking and alcohol use are the leading causes of this type of cancer, it can also be caused by asbestos exposure. At the Pennsylvania law firm of Savinis, Kane, & Gallucci, our asbestos-related laryngeal cancer lawyers have more than 60 years of combined legal experience fighting for fair compensation for victims of asbestos-related diseases. Such compensation may cover lost wages, medical bills, pain and suffering or even wrongful death.

How Does Asbestos Affect The Larynx?

Asbestos fibers are very light and easily carried through the air. Once breathed in, they pass through the larynx and may collect in the laryngeal tissue. For years, the medical community has known that a direct connection existed between asbestos exposure and mesothelioma or lung cancer. It wasn’t until 2006, however, that the National Institutes of Health confirmed the causal relationship between asbestos and laryngeal cancer. Researchers also found that the greater the exposure to asbestos, the greater the risk of developing this cancer.

Smoking, Drinking And Asbestos Exposure: A Triply Dangerous Combination

Studies show that cigarette smoke and alcohol can both contribute to the buildup of asbestos fibers in the laryngeal tissue, placing individuals who smoke or drink at greater risk of asbestos-related cancer.

Even though smoking may have been a significant contributing factor to your disease—and a factor that might have caused cancer on its own—you may still have a case against an asbestos manufacturer or other industrial company, if asbestos was also a contributing factor.

The Pennsylvania Bar Institute states that:

“Where the negligent conduct of a defendant combines with other circumstances and other forces to cause the harm suffered by the plaintiff, the defendant is responsible for the harm if [his] [her] negligent conduct was a factual cause of the harm, even if the harm would have occurred without it. (13.190)”

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