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Filing A Lawsuit If The Company Responsible For Your Exposure Is No Longer In Business

Companies that have manufactured or used products containing asbestos often go bankrupt as a result of losses due to asbestos exposure claims or for other reasons. Some such companies have been bought up by larger companies and lost their original names, but not the potential exposure included in the company’s acquired assets and liabilities for asbestos claims.

How then will you pursue compensation from a company that is out of business? For insights applicable to your unique work history and likely asbestos exposure, turn to an experienced, accomplished asbestos exposure claims attorney.

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Conducting forensic investigations regarding the ownership history of companies that have gone out of business often uncovers:

  • Asbestos compensation trust funds that are still available as resources for asbestos claimants
  • A path to compensation when defunct companies now belong to other companies

How can you verify the potential availability of compensation for your mesothelioma case if the workplace where you were likely exposed now has a different company name? This question, in a nutshell, is important to discuss with an experienced asbestos claims attorney.

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