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Your Lung Cancer Could Be Linked To Asbestos Exposure

Lung cancer may develop years after the initial exposure to asbestos. Some lung cancer victims never consider that exposure to asbestos decades ago could cause lung cancer today.

“Of all of the diseases caused by asbestos, lung cancer constitutes the greatest health risk for American asbestos workers.”

-The Occupational Health and Safety Administration Rules and Regulations, June 20, 1986

You Owe It To Yourself To Find Out

If you have developed lung cancer, don’t you owe it to yourself and your family to find out if it was caused by asbestos exposure? Contact an attorney at Savinis, Kane, & Gallucci, L.L.C., for a free consultation and case evaluation.

We retain medical specialists to review your case and determine whether your lung cancer and its symptoms were caused by asbestos, smoking or some other cause. If asbestos caused your lung disease, we will aggressively pursue financial compensation from all liable parties.

Smoking does not disqualify you from seeking compensation for an asbestos-related disease such as lung cancer, because asbestos exposure can be a contributing factor to your lung cancer.

There is a synergistic effect between smoking and lung cancer:

  • Exposure to asbestos alone increases your chance of getting cancer five to 10 times over that of someone who was never exposed to asbestos.
  • Smoking cigarettes alone increases your chance of getting lung cancer 15 to 20 times over those of a nonsmoker.
  • Smoking cigarettes and exposure to asbestos increases your risk of developing lung cancer 60 to 90 times over those of a nonsmoker with no asbestos exposure.

From our offices in Pittsburgh, the attorneys of Savinis, Kane, & Gallucci, L.L.C., represent clients from throughout western Pennsylvania, West Virginia and across the nation in cases involving lung cancer and other asbestos diseases. Please contact us today by calling 412-567-4931 to schedule a free consultation and case evaluation. We represent lung cancer patients on a contingency basis so you pay no attorney fees unless we win monetary compensation for the damages you have suffered.