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Representing Industrial Workers Subjected To Asbestos Exposure

Unfortunately, asbestos is present in many work environments, including schools and office buildings. However, industrial environments are notoriously more hazardous for workers, who often touch, breathe and ingest asbestos regularly on the job.

At Savinis, Kane, & Gallucci, our experienced trial attorneys regularly take on asbestos claim cases on behalf of industrial workers of all varieties.

How Our Industrial Clients Come In Contact With Asbestos

Our asbestos claims clientele includes sizeable percentages of workers, such as the following:

  • Factory workers in asbestos-related industries: that is, people who manufacture or assemble products containing asbestos
  • Mechanics and auto repair workers who handle car parts such as air hoses, brake components, discs, electric wiring, gaskets, hood liners, insulation and transmission housing
  • Chemical plant workers who spend large amounts of time around fire and heat-resistant materials containing asbestos
  • Textile mill workers who work around old products and equipment containing asbestos
  • Assembly line workers who frequently handle asbestos-laden products
  • Workers of all varieties who handle or work around pipes and insulation

Clients in such occupations often come to us late in their careers or after retirement after developing lung cancer, including mesothelioma. Our attorneys conduct investigations to determine where and how our clients were exposed to asbestos. With this information, the lawyers build strong cases to take to settlement negotiations, mediation or litigation.

Industrial Workers: Schedule Your Free Consultations

Regardless of whether you suspect you – a working or retired industrial worker in Pennsylvania – may be ill because of asbestos exposure or have received a mesothelioma diagnosis, our law firm is here for you.

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