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Warning defects on products can be dangerous to consumers

On Behalf of | Oct 29, 2017 | Products Liability

Practically every product that a Pittsburgh resident brings home from the store includes somewhere on its packaging or the product itself a label that lists warnings. A product may warn of small parts that could be choking hazards to small children, or it may warn of using the product properly to avoid electrocution if it is powered through a plug. It is a responsibility of product makers to anticipate the ways that their products could pose threats to consumers and if those threats cannot be avoided through changes in the products’ designs then the makers must offer warnings of the harm their products may create.

Product makers do not have to warn consumers of dangers that the products may present if the products are used in ways unintended by the makers, though product makers are tasked with including in their warnings instructions that explain how their products should be handled. Adequate instructions and proper warnings are requirements for all products to be safely used by private individuals.

When product makers fail to provide warnings of the dangers that their goods may present to unsuspecting consumers and individuals become victims of products liability accidents, those victims may have claims for damages. Just like design defects and manufacturing defects, warning defects may serve as the bases for injury-based losses from products liability claims.

Building a product liability case from a warning defect issue can be complicated. It is important that those individuals who have sustained harm from these scenarios contact personal injury attorneys in their communities to begin evaluating their potential legal cases and preserving information related to their warning defect injuries.