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Mesothelioma and infertility in men

On Behalf of | Jul 25, 2023 | Asbestos, Mesothelioma

Treating mesothelioma can cause various complications and side effects, including infertility in men. Chemotherapy treatments are the most effective way to kill the cancer. However, sperm production is likely to be affected.

Infertility in men

Men all across the country who have been exposed to asbestos in various working climates have developed mesothelioma, or cancer. Treatment for mesothelioma, however, can impact a man’s fertility. This is because it can block the pathways that release sperm as well as damage the pituitary gland, which impacts a man’s ability to reproduce.

In many situations, men who have received such treatment cannot have children. However, in other cases, a man can still have a child after treatment for mesothelioma. Generally, the more severe the cancer, which requires higher doses of chemotherapy drugs, the higher the chances of developing infertility in men.

It is critical for men to talk with their doctors about the side effects of cancer treatments, including the possibility of infertility. There are options for men who desire to have children, such as storing frozen sperm in a sperm bank, which can remain viable for many years.