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Addressing mental health and mesothelioma

On Behalf of | Aug 7, 2023 | Mesothelioma

When an adult receives a cancer diagnosis, there are a host of challenges that arise instantly. First, the process of addressing the physical issue at hand tends to become the focus of the patient and their care team. Second, the patient ordinarily needs to let their loved ones know what is going on, which can take time and energy. Third, the patient – and their spouse or partner, if they have one – must assess how this turn of events is going to affect their finances.

Evaluating the financial aspects of a cancer diagnosis is where seeking legal guidance can come into play. All too often, cancer develops as a result of toxic exposure that should have been prevented by an employer or another entity. Under these circumstances – including in most mesothelioma cases – pursuing legal action can be helpful for a victim, their loved ones and their budget’s ability to absorb treatment costs and the reality of lost wages.

What does mental health have to do with a mesothelioma diagnosis?

All three of the urgent issues noted above that are related to a recent diagnosis have a mental health component attached. Processing the challenges of treatment, the emotional reactions of loved ones and the steps necessary to seek compensation are all mentally and emotionally draining.

Being diagnosed with a condition as serious as mesothelioma is mentally and emotionally taxing in and of itself. Studies indicate that the suicide rate among cancer patients is significantly higher than it is among the general population.

As a result of all of these mental and emotional challenges flooding the experience of newly diagnosed patients all at once, it is critically important that mesothelioma patients make their personal mental health a priority. Neglecting this need could result in truly devastating outcomes. If you or a loved one is a mesothelioma patient seeking compensation from an at-fault party for medical care and other costs and damages, it’s important to factor in the cost of that mental health care.