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Massive airbag inflator recall leads to company’s bankruptcy

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2017 | Products Liability

Although there are many precautionary measures in place to assure a customer’s safety and wellbeing while using products in the United States, there still may be dangerous products out on the market that could seriously injure or even kill a consumer. This week, the aftermath of the largest automotive parts recall in history left the Japanese company Takata Corp bankrupt, following a massive recall of their airbags that left at least 17 dead throughout the world.

As many as 100 million inflators across the country had to be recalled following reports that the airbags, containing an ammonium nitrate compound, became volatile over age and were subject to explode if exposed to prolonged heat.

Recall costs for the company could exceed $10 billion dollars. The product was installed in many popular vehicles throughout the world including Honda, BMW and Toyota. To date, not all vehicle manufacturers have settled with their lawsuits and recall related costs.

While the violence of an exploding airbag undoubtedly could be a cause of concern for many consumers throughout the country, including many from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and the surrounding area, it is important to note that many different types of problems could prove to be hazardous. Whether it is a toy containing lead or other deadly metals, a bookcase or dresser that could tip over, or a drug that has dangerous or deadly side effects, it is important for consumers throughout the country to keep an eye on the products they use, and to consider reaching out to lawyer familiar with personal injury for the potential for product liability compensation if you are injured or become ill due to a dangerous product.

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