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We know PA law when it comes to product liability claims

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2015 | Firm News

Products liability is a term that refers to defective products that have in some way come to hurt or injure the consumer or end user. Often times the average person is not familiar with this term, but maybe they ought to be. Manufacturing defects, design defects and marketing defects are more common than many think. Too many Pittsburgh people have had the unfortunate luck of being the end user injured in a products liability situation.

Like previously mentioned, products liability is a term that isn’t always familiar to the common Pittsburg resident. It can apply to incidences in nearly any industry including the car industry, prescription drugs and children’s toys just to name a few. Essentially products liability claims seek damages when an end user is affects by a poor design defect, a defect in manufacturing or a marketing defect. For example, if the rear-axle were to fall off of a brand new car while driving because it wasn’t assembled properly, the affected party could seek reparations based on manufacturing defect.

Knowing the laws surrounding this type of personal injury claim are necessary in order to ultimately collect for injuries sustained. At Savinis D’Amico and Kane, we apply a comprehensive knowledge of federal and state laws regarding the safe use of consumer products in order to recover maximum damages for our clients. This can be accomplished through negotiation or sustained litigation in the courts. Whatever is best for our client is the path we will follow.

As companies continue to get more and more innovative with their products, so should consumer personal injury law. If a company is wrong for choices they made with manufacturing, marketing or design they should be held accountable for injuries that mistake caused an innocent consumer. While a company may not have intended for injury, they can still be held liable on accusations of being a negligent manufacturer. Compensation is possible for those who have been hurt.