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When consumers are injured by defective products

On Behalf of | Sep 11, 2015 | Firm News

Almost everyone in Pennsylvania has heard scary stories of unsafe toys or other products that go on the market and end up injuring children. We have all heard about nationwide recalls of defective goods. However, when it gets down to a more detailed level, most people have only a vague understanding about how the law deals with these situations.

Those who design, manufacture or distribute products are responsible for making sure their goods are safe for their intended use. Some types of products, such as pharmaceuticals and medical implants, must undergo rigorous testing before they can go to market. However, many products are not discovered to be defective until after they go on sale. When consumers are injured by a defective product, the law provides a way for them to seek compensation for their damages through a products liability lawsuit.

Products liability is the legal theory under which those who put dangerous products into the marketplace can be held liable for damages when consumers are injured by their products. These damages can include medical expenses or other costs associated with the injury.

Products liability can be an extraordinarily complicated area of the law. The injured often must rely on expert witness testimony to show how products could have been designed or manufactured more safely. Meanwhile, the defendants in these cases are often powerful multinational corporations that make for formidable opponents.

In such cases, it’s important for the injured to have experienced attorneys on their side. Our firm has many years of experience representing the injured in products liability cases. See our products liability web page for more information about how we can help the injured.