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Pennsylvanians should steer clear of seven deadly products

On Behalf of | Aug 6, 2014 | Products Liability

The Consumer Product Safety Commission recalls hundreds of defective products annually. These products have either caused injuries or deaths, or have the potential to do so, because of particular design flaws. However, as extensive as the recalls are, some dangerous products still manage to fall through the cracks and into the unsuspecting hands of Pennsylvania consumers. If Pennsylvania residents still have the following products in their homes, it is probably wise to throw them away or contact the manufacturer for possible instructions on how to get rid of the products.

The first recall is humidifiers manufactured by Gree Electric Appliances. They were recalled both in 2013 and in 2014. The products have been known to start fires. The second recalled product is an infant recliner called Nap Nanny. The product has already led to the deaths of six babies. Consumers are urged to stop using the recliners. The third product is Blair chenille robes. The robes have already caused the death of nine women because they are flammable.

The fourth product, which is also for children, is the McLaren stroller. While no deaths have occurred, the product has resulted in children injuring their fingertips because of the uncovered hinges. Fifth are the Buckycubes and Magnetic Buckyballs. Children can easily swallow the toys and the products can cause injury or death. The sixth recalled product is the Lane cedar chest, which has caused children to become trapped inside. Over half a dozen children have died because of the chest, including two children in 2014. Finally, over a dozen children have died while using Simplicity cribs and bassinets.

Pennsylvania consumers may wish to consider filing a product liability lawsuit in the event that a family member is injured or dies because of a defective product. If so, it is important to become aware of the statute of limitations, the accountability of the manufacturer of the specific product and the possible compensation that can be obtained.

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