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Benefits and downsides to suing employer after a work injury

On work days, workers have to rise-and-shine, and get to work. Most Pittsburgh workers are diligent and work very hard. That is what makes it so hard to swallow when a worker suffers a work-related injury. There are several ways that a person can collect, and from different parties after a work-related injury.

Work-related death of loved one often unnecessary, compensable

Whether you love your job, or understand why they call work, 'work', everyone has the right to safety at their workplace. Accidents can happen a number of ways on the judge, the options are pretty much endless, much as in everyday life. Sometimes a terrible accident in a vehicle or at the office can result in a worker's untimely death. Those deaths can sometimes be attributed to a responsible party.

Can work-related deaths qualify for a wrongful death suit?

Most everyone has to work a regular job in order to support themselves or their family financially. This is a fact of life for most Pittsburgh residents, so that's why it is so awful to hear when a resident in our community died why working on the job. This can happen any number of ways, especially considering the number of professions and the variations of work that could be performed by a worker. Most often, work-related deaths occur in a traffic accident.

The costs of fatal work-related injury and illness

Americans work hard. There is no doubt that American culture thrives on a good worth ethic and the benefits that said work ethic brings us. But what happens when a worker is exposed to something at work that causes illness, or suffers an event at work that causes injury? To what extent does the family of the injured have to suffer the financial burden associated with the injury or fatality?

Don't navigate the tragedy of workplace fatalities alone

Wouldn't it be nice, if no one had to work for a living and we could spend the day as we please? As nice as this sounds, it is not reality, and people have to work hard to make a living. While this is unavoidable, work accidents resulting in injury and fatality are often very avoidable. If you or a loved one suffered work injury, that even could have resulted in a premature death, the staff at Savinis & Kane LLC are here to help.

What are the time limits to get damages in work-related injury?

Accidents can happen in the blink of an eye. One moment you're working away or driving from one job to another. The next, you're waking up in the hospital in extreme pain. For some people, their family members are devastated when they never regain consciousness. Whatever the circumstances, if there is someone or something responsible for yours or a loved one's work related death or injury, there is a time limit involved with filling a claim.

How family should handle a suspected work-related death

Misconduct can occur anywhere, anytime. This includes at a person's place of employment or on a job ordered by that employer. Certain types of misconduct can lead to the tragic and sudden workplace death of a loved one. If this is the suspected reason behind a family member's death, there are ways to prove it and recover for the misconduct that caused the death.

Pennsylvania family files suit after work death at steel plant

In Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas, there are many workers who make their living in the manual labor industry. Whether working with machines, dangerous products or extreme heights the workers are subjected to conditions much more life-threatening than in other lines of work. These workers perform and work hard in order to bring a decent wage home to support their families. This is why it is such a tragedy when a PA worker dies due to a work related death at a steel plant not far outside of Pittsburgh.

OSHA rights offer safety, aim to protect Pittsburgh workers

Pittsburgh is the home of many labor-intensive jobs that require workers to be vigilant about their safety and their surroundings. However, the employer also has requirements that are set to ensure the correct safety precautions are being followed by Pittsburgh businesses and workers. These Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations, along with state regulations, are set in order to prevent workplace injuries and workplace deaths. OSHA regulations grant Pittsburgh workers a host of rights designed to protect workers from injury, illness and death.

What are the 'Fatal Four' in workplace deaths?

Manual workers in Pennsylvania today have access to unprecedented technology and worker tools on the job. So why are so many workplace deaths still occurring? One industry in particular has a track record of a high fatality rate. Construction workers are subject to a relatively dangerous job that can leave them injured or even killed. These injuries are made all the more serious when they are due to employer negligence.

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