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Wrongful death claims may arise in a variety of ways

The loss of a beloved family member can be a devastating blow to a Pennsylvania household. Though no legal action can ever bring back someone whose life has been tragically cut short by an accident or act of negligence, wrongful death claims can provide survivors who have lost relatives with financial damages to help them move forward. Many different types of accidents and sets of circumstance can provide the basis for a wrongful death claim. This post will discuss just a few of those possible events.

Driver killed by falling metal conduit in Pennsylvania tunnel

A 70-year-old man who was driving a vehicle for his employer was killed in a tragic accident on the Pennsylvania Turnpike recently. The driver, who was from out of state, was operating his rig in one of the turnpike's tunnels when a span of metal conduit fell from the ceiling of the tunnel and crashed into his vehicle. The impact of the conduit hitting the vehicle caused the conduit to break through the vehicle's windshield and hit the driver in the head.

Damages after the death of a child

No parent ever wants to consider a world in which their child dies before they do. It is a heartbreaking scenario that Pennsylvania mothers and fathers try to keep out of their heads but sometimes think about when news stories or events in their friends' lives make real the potential of such unspeakable tragedies. The accidental death of a child through a vehicle collision, products liability incident or other event may give the family of the decedent the right to sue under the state's wrongful death statute.

How might the discovery rule affect a wrongful death claim?

The term "statute of limitation" is something that readers of this Pittsburgh personal injury legal blog may have heard about through either their own legal matters or through the media. A statute of limitation is a cut-off point past which a person may not bring a lawsuit based on losses they suffered at the hands of others. For example, the victim of a car accident may not wait 20 years to sue the driver who hit them for the damages they suffered as a result of the crash.

What is a wrongful death?

Any person who is born into the world must face the inevitable but often dreaded concept of death. It is overwhelming to imagine what happens, if anything, after a person ceases to live. Many individuals in Pittsburgh live long and happy lives that end in old age. Unfortunately, though, individuals of all ages perish in unexpected accidents and leave their loved ones reeling from losses they did not expect to experience.

Fatal accident claims two lives, sends two more to the hospital

Recently this Pittsburgh personal injury blog posted an article about who may file a wrongful death lawsuit when a victim perishes in a negligence or recklessness-based accident. While no family ever wants to have to consider taking this action, wrongful death cases are an important part of the personal injury field of law, and may be necessary for those who wish to seek compensation from those parties that caused their loved ones to die.

Who may file a wrongful death claim in Pennsylvania?

Tragedy can strike at unexpected moments, and leave Pennsylvania families reeling in the wake of devastating and life-altering accidents. When a family loses a loved one, the survivors' grief may be all that they can bear as they plan funeral arrangements for their deceased relative. Suing the party responsible for their loss may not initially be a priority for them.

How dangerous are trucks on the roads?

While traveling on the roads in the Pittsburgh area, or anywhere in the United States, you may be sharing the roads with dangerous vehicles that you generally take for granted -- trucks. Trucks play a vital role in the American economy. Whenever you enter a grocery store, department store, furniture store or appliance store, more likely than not, everything under the store's roof was delivered via truck.

What's a 'survival action' in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania has a proud and storied history. From being the state where the Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution were written, debated, and signed to being the site of (arguably) the nation's first capital, the Keystone State has always led the way in many legal areas. One way in which Pennsylvania may have influenced some later states in their legal structures is in the fact that the state's constitution (as well as statute) provides that when someone dies due to personal injury caused by another, the right to a legal cause of action does not die with that individual. But what does this mean in terms of wrongful death lawsuits?

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