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Pittsburgh program allows elderly to get care at home

There is an incredibly fast growing population of the elderly in Pennsylvania that are in need of everyday care. Whether this is due to an injury sustained after a fall, dementia or general frailty that comes with age there are many people in need of care. Pittsburgh has unleashed a program that should aid the elderly in getting appropriate, cost effective care that doesn't break the bank or force them to leave their home.

Pennsylvania's baby boomers approach retirement age

Did you know, by the year 2030, Pennsylvania's 60 and older population is expected to reach nearly 30 percent of the total population? Because of this fact, Pennsylvania is taking note of their elderly population, what that means for their future and what it means for the future of health care. In order to ensure their health and safety and to avoid accidents, neglect and death in Pennsylvania nursing homes, the government is hoping to prepare Pennsylvania for the health care necessities this percentage of the population is sure to need. This is true of the elderly now, and in upcoming years.

How our firm helps victims of nursing home abuse

When Pittsburgh residents send their loved ones to a nursing home, they are usually making a painful but loving decision so that their loved one will receive the best medical care possible. The people of Pennsylvania expect, and have the right to expect, that the nursing homes in this state will help their patients get better or, when that is not possible, provide them with comfort and care.

Fighting for Pennsylvania nursing home neglect victims

As Pennsylvanians are living longer and fuller lives, the senior population will continue to grow, meaning that assisted-living facilities and nursing homes will see a rise in residents. However, as the numbers increase, the quality of care should either remain the same or rise simultaneously. If Pennsylvanians suspect that their elderly loved ones are being subjected to nursing home neglect, then our Pittsburgh-based law firm can help them fight for the rights of their loved ones.

Giving older Pennsylvanians the respect and justice they deserve

Nursing homes and assisted-living facilities do not just provide medical care for the elderly. The institutions serve as a place where the elderly can enjoy their twilight years in a respectful and dignified manner. However, not every nursing home gives this type of benefit to their residents. Others, whether intentional or not, engage in nursing home abuse. A Pennsylvanian who suspects that a loved one is being abused may wish to take legal action against the perpetrator. Our Pittsburgh-based law firm may be able to guide the person in their endeavor.

Overmedication may result in nursing home deaths

The frail health of many nursing home residents requires them to be cared for more closely and precisely medicated. One mistake can be fatal, especially for elderly residents who suffer from illnesses like schizophrenia and dementia. However, many nursing homes and assisted-living facilities have used anti-psychotic drugs as a means of chemical restraint to subdue patients although they do not require the medication. This practice has resulted in the worsened condition of residents and even nursing home death. Pennsylvanians who have loved ones in a nursing home should be wary of such practices.

Knowing the signs of nursing home abuse

Pennsylvanians often take their loved ones to nursing homes so that their medical and other needs can be taken care of more efficiently. They also take them there so the elderly can enjoy the twilight of their lives and ride off into the sunset, so to speak. Although most nursing homes provide appropriate care and quality service, there may be others that fail to perform their duties, which can result in abuse. It is essential for Pennsylvanians to know the signs of nursing home abuse. Knowing the signs of abuse is crucial as repeated and persistent abuse can often result in nursing home deaths.

Shedding light on nursing home death cases

When Pennsylvanians place an elderly loved one in the care of an assisted living facility or nursing home, they have a reasonable expectation that the facility will provide quality care and adhere to state and federal regulations. Unfortunately, some institutions or their employees fail to meet that expectation and, instead of protecting vulnerable patients, they subject seniors to nursing home abuse. Worse yet, this abuse may lead to nursing home death. Our Pittsburgh law firm gives seniors their due respect and wants to help them and their families achieve justice for the wrongdoing of negligent care facilities.

How do you prevent fall-related nursing home deaths?

Falls, like slips and slides, can be amusing to younger Pennsylvanians. However, for the elderly, who are more fragile, falls can be a matter of life and death. Besides being more careful, elderly people should be guided by their loved ones in order to prevent falls and other accidents. When it comes to caring for the elderly, Pennsylvanians often think of nursing homes to help them care for their elderly loved ones. However, figures show that fall-related nursing home deaths are becoming a common problem.

Falls often lead to injuries and nursing home deaths

To many Pennsylvanians, falls are just minor accidents. After a slip or a fall, a person often simply stands up and brushes the incident off. It may even come with a hearty laugh. However, falls are no laughing matter when it comes to the elderly in a nursing home. A simple fall can result in a nursing home death or injury to a resident. With the number of nursing home residents expected to increase to three million by 2030, safety should be a priority.

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