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What do you do after asbestos exposure occurs?

On Behalf of | Aug 20, 2021 | Asbestos

Asbestos was once a common mineral weaved into tiling, roof shingles, insulation, and more. Asbestos’s resistance to heat made it valuable, but people did not know that asbestos dust presented extreme dangers. Some older Pennsylvania buildings might still contain asbestos, and anyone exposed to it may worry about adverse health reactions. Long-term asbestos exposure could result in cancer, so it would be prudent to take health-conscious steps after being exposed.

After discovering the exposure

The wisest step to take after learning about asbestos exposure involves seeing a doctor. The concerned person may want to see a doctor who specializes in treating asbestos-related ailments. Research shows that one-time or limited exposure might not lead to problems; many lung disease sufferers experienced prolonged, long-term exposure. Regardless, undergoing a doctor’s examination could help determine if anything is wrong after any level of exposure.

When the symptoms of lung problems arise, seeing a doctor takes on greater importance. Coughs and chest pains are not worth ignoring. Even if the problem is not related to asbestos exposure, another medical issue could require immediate treatment.

Points about asbestos concerns

Studies show that the combination of smoking and asbestos exposure could dramatically increase the chances of mesothelioma. Smokers who once found themselves close to asbestos might need to have their health checked. An older person who worked around asbestos and smoked daily could be long overdue for an examination.

It’s important for workers exposed to asbestos to question how and why they were in contact with the material. Did a building manager or employer fail to remove asbestos even after its discovery? Were workers not provided with appropriate protective gear when handling the material? If so, the afflicted victims may have a negligence suit to pursue.