Strong Justice For Serious Disease


| Sep 6, 2019 | Asbestos

Of those who have faced struggles with asbestos in recent years, some include the workers who fought to save lives on 9/11. The attack, which happened 18 years ago, affected many of these first responders, causing them to suffer from serious medical conditions. Many suffer from chronic diseases and cancers, some of which are a result of asbestos exposure.

The World Trade Center Health Program cares for over 76,000 rescue and recovery workers who were at the scene among others. Over 50% of the people who are cared for have chronic medical conditions, with cancer being a major concern among them. Cancers of longer latency, like mesothelioma, are of current concern.

Did you know that the dust from the World Trade Center towers contained hundreds of tons of asbestos? Asbestos can be linked to laryngeal, ovarian, gastrointestinal, lung and mesothelioma cancers as well as non-malignant lung diseases and respiratory illnesses. Though asbestos is known as a carcinogen, it had been used widely when constructing the WTC.

The attack on the World Trade Center was one that still stands out, and many of those who were involved still suffer from the exposure they faced today. If you were at the scene or were exposed to the dust from the WTC attack, remember that there are services to help people like yourself. Any time a building comes down, especially an older structure, there is a risk of exposure to toxins that could cause you significant health trouble in the future. It is your right to hold others accountable if you are injured as a result of unexpected asbestos exposure.