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New study could hurt plaintiffs with asbestos cases

| Dec 6, 2018 | Asbestos

Asbestos isn’t just found in roofing or building materials. Did you know that some people have filed claims over asbestos found in baby powder? That’s right, a lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson claimed that the baby powder contained enough asbestos to cause people to fall ill after using it.

In a new report from Dec. 4, 2018, a study released undermines that claim, even though some experts supported it in the past. The new study looked at 2 million women and discovered that there was no discernible difference between rural and urban residents’ rates of mesothelioma. People in rural areas were found to have mesothelioma rates that were higher than those in urban areas, which suggested that they were exposed to more asbestos despite being further from construction materials and the products containing the potentially dangerous mineral.

The reason this study matters is that it shows that tiny amounts of asbestos, like those found in baby powder, are unlikely to increase the risk of mesothelioma. The only catch would be if women living in urban areas used less talcum powder, which is unlikely.

This is a study that may be used to try to disqualify plaintiff experts in cases against Johnson & Johnson. Johnson & Johnson, for the record, disputes the idea that any asbestos is in their products. However, plaintiff lawyers have claimed that they discovered fibers in certain products, a claim that could expose Johnson & Johnson to liability.

For people struggling with mesothelioma, there is often a cause. If it’s asbestos, remember that this is just one study and that there may be positive evidence for your case.