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What should you eat while getting treatment for mesothelioma?

| Nov 30, 2018 | Mesothelioma

You need medical treatment from professionals who specialize in cancer treatment if you have mesothelioma. Do not assume that you can manage it with diet alone. This is a very serious medical condition and you may need surgery, chemotherapy and other such treatments. The following is not intended as an alternative treatment plan.

That said, getting this treatment can lead to weight loss. It can be very hard on your body. It can cause both anxiety and stress — as will getting diagnosed with the disease in the first place. To help with these things, and to keep your body as strong as possible while you get treatment so that you can heal, you need to eat well. Some key components of your diet should include:

  • Fat: Remember, fat is energy. You can get it from healthy sources like seafood, nuts, olive oil and avocados.
  • Vegetables and fruit: You need vitamins and minerals, and fruits and vegetables are loaded with them. They also give you antioxidants. The brighter the color, the better.
  • Water: You know you need water, of course, but the reality is that you probably need to drink more than you think. Most people do. Try to get eight glasses every day, spread out evenly.
  • Protein: With proper protein levels, your body can heal and rebuild lost tissue. Make sure you eat things like peas, lentils, dairy foods, soy, dried beans, nuts, fish, chicken and other lean meats.

Paying attention to your diet can help, but treatment for mesothelioma can still be long and expensive. Make sure you know what options you may have to compensation to help with the cost.