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Things to know regarding mesothelioma prognosis

| Oct 10, 2018 | Firm News

If you get a cold or some other virus, the way your body reacts to it may not necessarily be the exact same as another person who comes down with the same illness. Therefore, if you contract a more serious illness, such as one related to asbestos exposure, your doctor will issue a prognosis that depends on numerous factors related to your individual case.

Another patient may walk into his or her office with the same illness but walk away with a different prognosis. If you or your loved one have an asbestos-related disease, such as mesothelioma, it is critical that you understand the various factors that may affect your prognosis. Such situations often lead to litigation in Pennsylvania and other states, so in addition to understanding your own body’s health, you’ll also want to stay updated on asbestos litigation laws.

Prognosis follows diagnosis

Your doctor is obligated to do his or her best to correctly diagnose any adverse health condition for which you seek medical attention. Beyond that, he or she will also offer a prognosis, meaning a forecast of the likely course of the ailment and probable outcome of your situation. The following list includes factors that will impact a mesothelioma prognosis:

  • Whether or not your cancer has metastasized is a leading factor in the prognosis your doctor will give. If it has not spread, you are likely to receive a more favorable prognosis than someone would whose cancer has moved beyond its origin in the body.
  • Your general state of health matters a lot. If you’re someone who rarely gets ill, has a strong immune system and does not live a sedentary lifestyle, it will definitely have a positive impact on your prognosis.
  • Your age at the onset of your illness is also an important prognosis factor.
  • In addition to your own health information, the experience of your care providers also affects your prognosis.
  • Just as acting alongside an attorney experienced in asbestos litigation improves your chances for a successful courtroom outcome, so too does entrusting your health to medical teams experienced in treating mesothelioma patients help you obtain the highest quality care possible.

Once you receive a prognosis, you can determine what your needs will be as you move forward with a treatment plan. In most situations, mesothelioma symptoms worsen as time passes. Your ability to enjoy as high quality a life as possible may greatly depend on the type of support system you have. Beyond the physical aspects of your disease, it is also important to know how to seek support for any legal issues that arise.