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November 2016 Archives

Infant's injury due to delivery mistake, potentially compensable

It's every parent's worst nightmare. Something has gone amiss during the delivery of your child and it has affected the child's health. After such an injury, it can be very unclear what the long-term injuries and effects may be. Ensuring that your infant has access to top-notch medical care is crucial immediately following the incident. If you suspect that this injury was avoidable by doctors, nurses or other related parties, you may want to learn more about how birth injuries can qualify for personal injury suits.

Typical defenses those accused of PA products' liability use

When it comes to legal topics, people in Pittsburgh who are unfamiliar with the subject often have questions. This is completely normal and those interested in learning more about a certain legal topic can become generally educated so that they know how a legal topic may affect them. For example, products' liability isn't a typical topic discussed around the family dinner table these days. If you or a loved one were injured and you think that a products' liability claim could affect your family's future, read on.

What records are helpful to pursue a medical malpractice claim?

When you are injured by a doctor, hospital or other medical professional, your injury or illness can make everything feel uncontrollable. Your health may have suffered greatly and you might be unsure of what to do next or who to trust. The reality is that you can help yourself or a loved one who was injured from a preventable medical mistake.

Wife of man killed in truck accident files wrongful death suit

A case that is set to begin any day in the PA criminal courts has made its way to civil suit after a man was killed in a truck-on-truck accident on Pennsylvania's Route 82. The man, his passenger and several related companies were named in the suit that alleges they were negligent in the death of the plaintiff's husband. The criminal investigation has already released details that are helpful to proving the woman's case. The tractor-trailer the deceased was driving was a work-vehicle, as was the truck driven by the defendant.

Doctor errors can be attributed to medical malpractice

When it comes to our doctors and medical care takers, we trust them with our lives every time we ask medical advice, are prescribed treatment and are operated on. Most treatment and other medical decisions affecting patients are beneficial or neutral in the treatment of a disease or ailment. However, once in awhile, a medical decision by a medical caretaker like a doctor or nurse can have a negative affect that can cause further injury. If it is believed this could be the root of a loved one's illness or injury, read on.

How severe is risk of infection in nursing homes?

There are inherent risks to putting the care of loved ones under the responsibility of a nursing home or assisted care facility. While most nursing homes and staff practice the utmost in care, occasionally, care is not appropriate or even unlawful, and it results in injury. Most people would be right in thinking about falls or medication errors in connections with nursing home resident injury. However, another issue is the incidences of infections contracted in nursing home facilities that could qualify for nursing home abuse or neglect.

Pittsburgh workplace injuries, fatalities in 2014

When a person looks at a statistic, it can seem small. It's a small bit of information that on its face seems meaningless. But for some Pittsburgh residents, they have lived the statistic. In terms of work related death and workplace injury statistics, some Pittsburgh families understand it's like to live the statistic of injury or unexpected death.