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Losses and injuries that can be claimed after nursing home abuse

On Behalf of | Sep 14, 2016 | Nursing Home Deaths

Injuries can happen to anyone. Sadly, this means even loved ones are susceptible to injury from a third-party. For instance, despite many nursing homes best intentions, an incident related to nursing home abuse can befall residents that causes unnecessary injury or even pre-mature death. Abuse can be defined as intentional or unintentional, it’s main requirement is that carelessness occurred or that a duty was not met by a provider, and it directly resulted in injury.

Losses and injury can have occurred in the past, present or be anticipated in the future. Obviously, medical expenses are related fees are often sought after as compensable. In addition, pain and suffering and mental anguish are considered often considered as compensable injury. If the injury has taken away a person’s ability to enjoy their life, this is also worth mentioning. Especially for the elderly, a shortened life expectancy can really affect an injured nursing home resident since most residents are already at the tale-end of their life.

Do not think that because your loved one is older and already suffering from illnesses or injuries that damages caused by the nursing home ‘don’t count’ in terms of personal injury. These injuries absolutely do. Nursing homes are meant to be a place for loved ones to comfortably live out their remaining years. If a nursing home fails to protect their residents or to properly administer care and it results in injury, there is the potential for a personal injury suit.

Just because a loved one now resides in a nursing home doesn’t mean they aren’t still a part of the family. You expect your loved one to be treated like a family member, and rightly so. If a nursing home has failed to do this and a loved one is injury, you are likely looking for answers. There are ways t find answers to your questions and there could be financial compensation available for those who were wronged.

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