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July 2016 Archives

Which parties could be named in medical malpractice suit?

When it comes to the health and well-being of yourself and your family, only the best in medical care is desired. So if you or a loved one has suffered injury, and it is believed to be connected to faulty medical care, there are ways to make it right. It first begins by correcting the problem a medical provider may have made in the first place. The next step comes when an injured person and their family attempts to prove negligent behavior by a medical provider that directly resulted in personal injury.

Lebanon County faces lawsuit after inmate's wrongful death

It is traumatizing for any mother to see the death of their child. It is unnatural for a parent to outlive their own son or daughter. That is exactly what happened to a Pennsylvania woman when her teenage daughter died in a Pennsylvania County correctional facility, due to complications from heroin withdrawal. The mother of the inmate is now suing the county, correctional staff and medical examiners for her daughter's unexpected death.

The costs of fatal work-related injury and illness

Americans work hard. There is no doubt that American culture thrives on a good worth ethic and the benefits that said work ethic brings us. But what happens when a worker is exposed to something at work that causes illness, or suffers an event at work that causes injury? To what extent does the family of the injured have to suffer the financial burden associated with the injury or fatality?

Facts and figures from the CDC about birth injury

There are few things more devastating than the news some parents receive about their children after birth. Most parents expect their child to be healthy and thriving, and this isn't an unrealistic expectation. However, when it comes to a certain birth injury like cerebral palsy, its prevalence is significant with 1/323 suffering from cerebral palsy, according to the Center for Disease Control. Sometimes cerebral palsy happens due to the doctor or hospital's care, or lack thereof before, during or immediately following the birth of a child.

Medical malpractice: a preventable Pittsburgh tragedy?

When the average Pennsylvanian thinks about preventable tragedies, most think of car accidents. This is for good reason, many lawmakers have spoked about driving Pennsylvania roads to zero deaths. But, what about other preventable areas of personal injury? We believe that medical malpractice is a preventable area of injury and fatality that should be considered avoidable.

Man dies in accident involving Tesla Model S autopilot

Autopilot is a system installed in some Tesla models that is said to be the safety system of the future by some. Essentially, it does what it says -- operates the vehicle safely without the assistance of the driver. It can take over in situations where a driver can't or didn't take action that benefits their safety behind the wheel.