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Don’t navigate the tragedy of workplace fatalities alone

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2016 | Work-Related Deaths

Wouldn’t it be nice, if no one had to work for a living and we could spend the day as we please? As nice as this sounds, it is not reality, and people have to work hard to make a living. While this is unavoidable, work accidents resulting in injury and fatality are often very avoidable. If you or a loved one suffered work injury, that even could have resulted in a premature death, the staff at Savinis & Kane LLC are here to help.

While not every work accident can be attributed to an employer or a third party, it is possible that it can. For this reason alone, it is worth investigation a loved one’s work injury or work fatality. The costs and opportunity costs of such an event can leave the injured and their family high-and-dry when it comes to their finances or their personal lives. If someone is responsible for such a terrible event, shouldn’t they be held accountable?

There may have been no ill will on behalf of a responsible party when it comes to a personal injury or wrongful death at work. However, employers are held to certain standards when it comes to worker safety and their well-being. If it is discovered, for instance, that the employer failed to take safety measures required by law, this could be a contributing factor to a loved one’s injury or workplace death. In turn, the employer could be held responsible or even considered negligent in that event.

Whatever the circumstance, even a workplace injury could put someone’s regular wages in jeopardy if it renders them unable to work. This could happen many ways, but regardless of the circumstances, it could be compensable. While worker’s comp can be sought, it isn’t always the only means or reparation for the injured. Discover what else is out there for those who have suffered due to workplace injury or death.