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New report links C-section with birth injury risk

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2016 | Birth Injury

Did you know that one in three babies are now delivered by cesarean section, also known as C-section? This number is way up from just a few decades ago. There have been studies suggesting that C-sections put the mother and baby at unnecessary risk for a medical malpractice incident or even a birth injury. A recent Consumer Report surveyed over 1,200 hospitals in Pennsylvania and the greater U.S. to study the effects of the increased C-sections.

This new study found that C-sections are often not necessary. Researchers in the study estimate that nearly 50 percent of the C-sections performed in the U.S. are done in situations when babies could be safely delivered via the traditional method. Also, performing a surgical birth instead of a vaginal delivery unnecessarily poses avoidable risks to the mother and her child. This birth method also raises health care costs.

What this means for mothers who have delivered a baby by C-section and have suffered birth injury is that there could have been an unnecessary risk taken by hospital staff. If an unnecessary risk was taken, it could have led to injury to either the baby or mother during the C-section. Thus, fault could be attributed to hospital staff. It may be worth investigating, especially if medical costs or future medical care is worrisome for the new parents and their family.

No doctor can avoid every catastrophe that befalls a mother and child during the delivery process. As too many Pittsburgh parents know, birth injuries can happen. In order to properly heal and rehabilitate, this will often take significant medical care. If medical malpractice is suspected in birth injury, the parents should understand their legal options.

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