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Failure to diagnose can be considered medical malpractice

On Behalf of | Jul 17, 2015 | Medical Malpractice |

Patients put their trust in doctors in a way that is unique. When a patient strolls through the door of their doctor’s office or gets wheeled into the surgical room, he should feel confident in his doctor’s ability to get him well.

This patient-doctor trust gets shaken up when a patient receives news that she or a family member has not been diagnosed for a medical ailment that should have been noticed, treated or diagnosed in the past. This is called failure to diagnose, and it can be considered a medical malpractice case in Pittsburgh.

In cases where a patient’s medical condition has been overlooked or even misdiagnosed, it isn’t usually an intentional act on the part of the physician. Usually, it is considered negligence because failure to diagnose cases are cases that should have been detected but were overlooked by the attending physician for one reason or another. Doctors can make errors and mistakes; however, depending on the context of the mistake, the error can be considered malpractice.

Physicians are specially trained to consider “differential diagnoses:. Basically, doctors list different probable diagnoses of possible causes for a patient’s symptoms. The number one question when assessing a misdiagnosis for medical malpractice is to wonder what diagnoses a reasonable doctor in similar circumstances, would have considered as potential causes for the patient’s symptoms.

Those afflicted by a misdiagnosis may suffer injuries due to the delay of treatment in their injury. This is problematic because the additional medical care can greatly increase the cost to the patient. This is a time where compensation should be sought because it can help cover those extra costs. Injured parties can seek compensation when their ailment is due to a negligent medical provider.

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