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Consider seeking reparations for your child’s birth injury

On Behalf of | May 13, 2015 | Nursing Home Deaths

The birth of child is one of the most joyous and anticipated moments in a parent’s life. The little bundle of joy should arrive screaming and perfectly healthy. Most parents experience this moment. Sadly, some parents and children are the victims of a medical decision that renders the baby injured at birth. This can certainly put a damper on the birth and the arrival of a new child.

This is because a birth injury can irrevocably change the course of life for an infant. Birth injuries that occur during birth than can often be avoided include shoulder dystocia — a tearing of the shoulder and neck area that can be avoided while the baby is on its way out of the birth canal. This is all dependent on how the doctor positions the baby during delivery.

Shoulder dystocia is just one of the several possible birth injuries that can be sustained to a child during birth due to the oversight of the attending doctor. Since medical malpractice is the sixth leading cause of death in the United States there is a possibility that this can happen to anyone’s child. People may have the right to pursue compensation for a birth injury that was sustained to their child.

Savinis, D’Amico, & Kane, L.L.C. has helped many citizens of Pittsburgh and the surrounding area deal with medical malpractice claims. Many of those clients felt they were wronged when their child suffered an injury during delivery. Our attorneys have years of experience resolving complex claims related to birth injuries.

We pride ourselves on maintaining a network of legal, financial and medical professionals who can assess the extent of your injuries and map out a plan for long-term care and eventual recovery. This care and recovery process is noted when seeking reparations appropriate for people and their child’s injury.