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Giving nursing home neglect victims the justice they deserve

On Behalf of | Sep 12, 2014 | Nursing Home Deaths

Pennsylvanians often place their faith and hard-earned money on nursing homes and assisted living facilities so their loved ones can be comfortable and taken care of while in the twilight of their lives. While many facilities fulfill their obligations of faith and trust, there are some who perform their duties poorly, often resulting in nursing home neglect. In this sort of situation, injuries and even the death of a loved is a distinct possibility. Despite the obvious violations, some nursing homes are even bullish when it comes to liability with these sorts of situations.

Fortunately, we can help Pennsylvanians take the nursing home abuse bull by the horns when they file a lawsuit. Besides our wealth of experience in handling nursing home abuse cases, we also have a firm grasp of the elder abuse laws and how nursing homes operate. More importantly, we have a soft spot and respect for the contributions to the community of our more elderly citizens.

Our experience has taught us that nursing home abuse cases can be complex. It does not only include physical neglect but other aspects including medical neglect and lack of safety measures. Medical neglect refers to lack of medical care for a nursing home resident’s existing medical conditions. Nursing homes may also lack safety measures when it comes to keeping residents safe, not just in terms of facilities but security-wise, so residents are protected from harm from other patients and a neglectful staff.

Besides seeking for legal accountability, we can help Pennsylvanians recover the highest possible compensation for their damages. We have a broad network composed of financial, legal and medical experts that are more than willing to help clients during the investigation and litigation process. As complex as nursing home abuse cases can be, we believe that with proper legal guidance, Pennsylvanians can get a measure of justice for their loved ones and sufficient compensation as well.