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August 2014 Archives

Pedestrian loses life in accident south of Pittsburgh

Pedestrians, unlike drivers, are unprotected when they walk on the sidewalks and pass crosswalks in Pennsylvania. However, they do have the law to protect them. Traffic regulations require drivers to yield to pedestrians while they are on crosswalks and intersections. Drivers are also required to steer clear of pedestrians walking along sidewalks. Nevertheless, there are still drivers who do not obey traffic rules and regulations and the safety of pedestrians. An Ellsworth man is facing charges for allegedly being one of those drivers.

Falls often lead to injuries and nursing home deaths

To many Pennsylvanians, falls are just minor accidents. After a slip or a fall, a person often simply stands up and brushes the incident off. It may even come with a hearty laugh. However, falls are no laughing matter when it comes to the elderly in a nursing home. A simple fall can result in a nursing home death or injury to a resident. With the number of nursing home residents expected to increase to three million by 2030, safety should be a priority.

What should Pennsylvanians do when medical malpractice occurs?

Medical negligence in the United States has risen to a shocking rate. In fact, the Journal of the American Medical Association reports that medical negligence currently ranks as the third highest cause of death in the country. Only heart disease and cancer rank higher. With such a high risk for something that is clearly preventable, Pennsylvanians should be aware of the prevalence of medical malpractice and ways to protect themselves.

Understanding the fundamentals of a wrongful death lawsuit

There is nothing worse than the feeling of losing a loved one. However, the situation is made even more difficult when a loved one's death was caused by the negligence of another person. In such a situation, family members can file a wrongful death lawsuit. Before doing so, it is best that Pennsylvanians who have lost their loved ones are aware of the merits of the legal action and what they may be facing during the legal process.

DEP determines cause of workplace death in gas well accident

If a workplace injury or death occurs, the most basic assumption is that there was a lapse in the safety measures of a company. While this may not always be the case, it does not necessarily mean that a company should not take all precautions when it comes to workers' safety. This can be emphasized further by the recent findings of the Department of Environmental Protection on the workplace death of a 27-year-old man when a gas well fire occurred south of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in February 2014.

Pennsylvanians should steer clear of seven deadly products

The Consumer Product Safety Commission recalls hundreds of defective products annually. These products have either caused injuries or deaths, or have the potential to do so, because of particular design flaws. However, as extensive as the recalls are, some dangerous products still manage to fall through the cracks and into the unsuspecting hands of Pennsylvania consumers. If Pennsylvania residents still have the following products in their homes, it is probably wise to throw them away or contact the manufacturer for possible instructions on how to get rid of the products.