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Pennsylvania worker killed when truck crushes him

On Behalf of | Aug 8, 2013 | Work-Related Deaths

A western Pennsylvania industrial worker was killed in a work-related accident at a coal mine. According to reports, the deceased was working on the suspension system of a large earth moving truck when it gave way and crushed him. The mining company does not yet have any further details about the accident and the investigation continues. Unfortunately, one thing is for sure: the deceased’s family will have to cope with life without their loved one.

A Workplace death is tragic for two reasons. First, it strips a beloved individual from a family. Second, these accidents are, in most cases, preventable. All work environments, especially those that are inherently dangerous, have safety measures in place in attempt to protect workers. When these precautions are not properly implemented or are negligently upheld, a Work related death may occur. Such incidents should not go unpunished, and surviving families should be compensated for their loss.

A Pennsylvania attorney can help surviving families reach these goals. To do so, a lawsuit must be filed against the employer for wrongful death. Winning such a case depends on the surviving family’s ability to prove the employer was negligent and the deceased’s death was caused by that negligence. Negligence may be established when safety measures are not implemented, when operations are not tested, or when employees are improperly supervised.

Once a wrongful death case succeeds, the surviving family may obtain compensation for their loss. These recoveries can help pay for medical expenses incurred by the deceased before passing, any pain and suffering felt by the deceased, and any wages the family has lost through the death of their loved one.

In addition to financial recoveries, a family that succeeds on a wrongful death claim has the comfort of knowing justice was served and the negligent employer was punished for its wrongdoing. Then, perhaps, safety will be made a priority and future accidents will be prevented.

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