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Pittsburgh-area woman hit by truck, killed while jogging

On Behalf of | Jan 14, 2013 | Wrongful Death

Fitness buffs who take to the streets to get their exercise are no stranger to the risks posed by running on or along public roads, and often wear gear specially designed for safety, such as reflective vests and other reflective items, so that drivers can see them. However, any Pittsburgh wrongful death lawyer knows that the danger of a pedestrian getting hit by a car is all too real and can end tragically.

Recently, a Grove City woman was hit by a car and killed while she was out running. She was jogging along Airport Road, and was struck when she tried to cross Route 58. The vehicle was a Peterbilt box truck, which is a cargo vehicle that is smaller than a big rig, but generally larger than a passenger vehicle, and is often used to move furniture or appliances.

A wrongful death suit may be brought by the immediate family members of someone who ash been killed because of the negligence of another person or entity. Grounds for a wrongful death suit can occur when someone is killed in a car accident, as with the Grove City woman, or in other situations including criminal activity or medical malpractice. Monetary damage awards can include damages for medical expenses, as well as loss of support or services and the lost prospect of inheritance. Courts take into account the age and heath of the deceased person, plus their life expectancy and earning capacity, looking specifically that these circumstances at the time of death.

While a wrongful death suit cannot bring back a family’s loved one, a damage award can help offset any financial hardship that results from a tragic death, thus easing some of the burden on the family.

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