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July 2012 Archives

Medical Errors Can Result in Injury/Death, But What Can Be Done?

Medical errors, such as misdiagnoses and surgical mistakes, are a serious concern in the United States. These errors can have lifelong consequences for either the injured party or the family of one who dies as a result of the mistake.

Children's Play Set Recalled Due to Danger of Falls

As consumers, when we purchase a product, we assume it meets the necessary safety requirements and will not cause harm to our families or ourselves. When products do not meet those standards, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission will step in and issue a recall of the product, in an effort to protect American customers.

Bill Detrimental to Injured Nursing Home Residents Stuck in Senate

Making the decision to place a loved one in the care of a long-term facility is difficult and fraught with emotions. After deciding to turn their well-being over to a nursing home, we expect a certain standard of care. The long-term care facility takes on the responsibility of keeping our loved ones out of harm's way. When a nursing facility fails to protect those in their care, the injured resident or, in severe cases where death results, the family of the resident, have the ability to bring a cause of action against the negligent nursing home.