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September 2016 Archives

Benefits and downsides to suing employer after a work injury

On work days, workers have to rise-and-shine, and get to work. Most Pittsburgh workers are diligent and work very hard. That is what makes it so hard to swallow when a worker suffers a work-related injury. There are several ways that a person can collect, and from different parties after a work-related injury.

When can hypoxia occur for a newborn baby?

Many people mistakenly associate birth injuries with only those suffered during labor or immediately post-delivery. However, this is not comprehensive of all times that birth injuries can occur. Birth injuries can occur prior to, during and immediately following an infant's birth. This includes birth injuries like hypoxia, which is a term that described when a fetus, or infant does not receive adequate oxygen to the brain.

Work-related death of loved one often unnecessary, compensable

Whether you love your job, or understand why they call work, 'work', everyone has the right to safety at their workplace. Accidents can happen a number of ways on the judge, the options are pretty much endless, much as in everyday life. Sometimes a terrible accident in a vehicle or at the office can result in a worker's untimely death. Those deaths can sometimes be attributed to a responsible party.

PA product liability case gets second chance at trial

Few lawsuits ever get tried twice. For one Pennsylvania man, he is one the few who gets a second chance at trial after his leg was crushed by a lift table. The man is seeking damages resulting from the injury. He alleged that the table was unsafe due to its lack of warning lights or alarms. A recent case set a new precedent, which has called for its ability to be re-tried.

Losses and injuries that can be claimed after nursing home abuse

Injuries can happen to anyone. Sadly, this means even loved ones are susceptible to injury from a third-party. For instance, despite many nursing homes best intentions, an incident related to nursing home abuse can befall residents that causes unnecessary injury or even pre-mature death. Abuse can be defined as intentional or unintentional, it's main requirement is that carelessness occurred or that a duty was not met by a provider, and it directly resulted in injury.

Why are drug companies obligated to a duty to warn?

In the last several decades, prescription drugs have flooded the market for a number of different ailments. Some of these drugs have greatly improved the life of the consumer. While their benefits are undeniable, there is a dark side to prescription drugs. If improperly used, these drugs can pose a great danger to its end user.

Suspicious nursing home death of loved one? We can help

Pennsylvania nursing homes, in many cases, seem to be the best option for elderly loved ones, especially if their health is frail. Nursing homes have obvious benefits that vary depending on a resident's needs. However there are many reasons that families view nursing homes as their number one choice. Round the clock health care, adequate facilities and social reasons are great benefits of nursing homes. Sometimes, though, nursing home care goes terribly wrong.