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Fatal accident claims two lives, sends two more to the hospital

Recently this Pittsburgh personal injury blog posted an article about who may file a wrongful death lawsuit when a victim perishes in a negligence or recklessness-based accident. While no family ever wants to have to consider taking this action, wrongful death cases are an important part of the personal injury field of law, and may be necessary for those who wish to seek compensation from those parties that caused their loved ones to die.

Two area families are living through tragedy now in the wake of a recent fatal accident. An evening head-on collision on Route 286 in Plum occurred when the 25-year-old driver of a southbound vehicle crossed the center line of the road and collided with a northbound sport utility vehicle. The SUV contained three individuals: a 43-year-old female driver, her 19-year-old daughter who was located in the passenger seat, and a 17-year-old male friend who was in the back seat.

When Mesothelioma enters your marriage: How to help your spouse

When you got married, you obviously had no way of looking into the future to see what might be in store for you and your beloved spouse. If your Pennsylvania wedding took place more than 10 years ago, you've likely already successfully overcome many different challenges, from those involving job changes, location changes, finances or raising children. Life is full of sorrows, joys, adventures and more; hopefully, your marriage has had little of the first word in that list.

However, even when times are tough, it's usually easier to bear when someone you love is by your side. When terminal illness enters the scene, it's a real game-changer. You had no way of knowing your spouse would become ill, and you may have been even more shocked when you realized the illness was caused by asbestos exposure at work.

Who may file a wrongful death claim in Pennsylvania?

Tragedy can strike at unexpected moments, and leave Pennsylvania families reeling in the wake of devastating and life-altering accidents. When a family loses a loved one, the survivors' grief may be all that they can bear as they plan funeral arrangements for their deceased relative. Suing the party responsible for their loss may not initially be a priority for them.

However, as they come to terms with their loss, the victim's close relatives may wish to seek legal recourse against the individual or individuals whose actions led to their loved one's death. Wrongful death claims serve this purpose, and can compensate a victim's family for the financial burden imposed upon the individuals who must find ways to go on living their lives without the love and support of the victim.

Monitoring for conditions may identify cases of fetal distress

According to the American Pregnancy Association, the term "fetal distress" is difficult to define and often confused with more serious and life-threatening conditions. It generally refers to a fetus that is not getting, or has not received, sufficient oxygen during pregnancy or labor, but is not the same as birth asphyxia. Both fetal distress and birth asphyxia can cause Pittsburgh newborns to suffer significant health problems during their first moments of life, and certain pre-birth conditions may suggest that a baby will experience these scary complications.

For example, mothers who experience anemia during their pregnancies more often have babies who suffer from fetal distress than mothers who do not have this condition. Also, oligohydramnios can suggest that a baby may suffer from fetal distress; this condition occurs when the amount of amniotic fluid is lower than normal.

Do I have to prove negligence in a product liability claim?

When a Pennsylvania resident goes to the store and buys a new item off the shelf, he or she expects that the item will work as it should, and that it will not pose any unexpected hazards. However, as readers of this personal injury legal blog know, not every consumer good put out into the stream of commerce is safe. In fact, some consumer products are simply dangerous, and when individuals are harmed by them those victims can turn to product liability law to provide them with a legal basis on which to pursue their losses.

Although product liability cases often arise due to the presence of negligence in the design, manufacturing, and distributing processes, it can be next to impossible for victims to figure out exactly when or where the negligence occurred. The burden that would befall a product liability victim who had to investigate a complex manufacturing system or interpret standards of design for intricate goods may make prevailing on such claims impossible. As such, in product liability cases the strict liability standard generally applies.

What can cause Erb's palsy?

Not every baby grants its mother a stress-free and comfortable labor and delivery experience. Mothers throughout Pittsburgh have been subjected to a variety of medical interventions to help them bring their newborns into the world. From vacuum suction and forceps, to Caesarian section operative births, doctors have many tools to use to help women deliver their babies.

However, many of these interventions can come with a price. For example, the use of forceps and vacuum suction can place significant pressures on an undelivered baby's body that can cause him or her significant injuries and harm. One consequence of a poorly executed forceps or suction birth is Erb's palsy, a disorder that can lead to weakness or paralysis in a child's arms.

Have you been diagnosed with pleural mesothelioma?

Talking about preventing asbestos exposure once you receive a diagnosis of pleural mesothelioma does you no good. Due to the fact that the time between your first symptoms and your exposure to asbestos could be as long as 30 years, what you more than likely need now is a better understanding of your illness.

At some point in your past, you breathed in asbestos fibers or dust. This happens to most people during the course of their employment, but in some cases, the exposure occurs other ways. Once inhaled, the fibers or dust burrowed into your body, which resulted in the scar tissue and cancerous cells that developed into your illness. Your diagnosis of pleural mesothelioma means that doctors found cancerous cells on the thin tissue layer that covers your lungs and lines your chest.

When a misdiagnosis becomes a case of medical malpractice

Going to visit the doctor is a necessary evil for many Pittsburgh residents. Few enjoy stepping onto the scale, having their bodies poked and prodded, and then hearing about all of the things they should be doing to take better care of their physical systems. Often, trips to the doctor result in patients receiving clean bills of health or accurate diagnoses for the symptoms that present themselves and require intervention to resolve. From time to time, though, a patient may be dismissed by a doctor without a necessary diagnosis or with the wrong diagnosis to a serious medical condition.

When a doctor makes a mistake during the diagnostic process, the result may be a misdiagnosis. Misdiagnoses may leave patients with a course of treatment that will not resolve their medical problems or that may delay them from receiving the treatment they need to recover from the problem that is actually afflicting them.

What Products Contain Asbestos?

While heavily regulated, asbestos is not banned in the U.S. Companies can still important and manufacture certain products that contain asbestos. In the past, manufacturers of all types of consumer goods relied on asbestos because of its ability to insulate and fireproof products.

While today most companies will not use asbestos in their manufacturing, older products that remain in households may still contain the mineral. These include:

Instead of receiving care, some nursing home patients suffer harm

Nursing homes and residential care facilities are often utilized by individuals who cannot take care of themselves. As residents of these facilities, they may receive necessary medical support, assistance with performing daily tasks, and have their days managed by individuals who are paid to see that their needs are met. However, for an alarming number of Pennsylvanians, and individuals throughout the rest of the country, nursing and care homes fail in their duties to provide safety and support, and end up inflicting pain and suffering upon those they are charged to attend.

There are a myriad of reasons that nursing homes fail in their duties to provide for their residents. They may suffer from too few staff members to effectively meet the needs of all of their residents, or they may operate facilities that are poorly maintained and that pose dangers to those who reside within their walls.