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November 2015 Archives

What are the 'Fatal Four' in workplace deaths?

Manual workers in Pennsylvania today have access to unprecedented technology and worker tools on the job. So why are so many workplace deaths still occurring? One industry in particular has a track record of a high fatality rate. Construction workers are subject to a relatively dangerous job that can leave them injured or even killed. These injuries are made all the more serious when they are due to employer negligence.

Victim's family receives $1M after Pennsylvania cop's negligence

Police officers are thought of as upstanding citizens, here to protect our wonderful city of Pittsburgh. However, police officers are human and they make mistakes. Such a mistake occurred in a nearby suburb when a Pennsylvania police officer rear-ended a man's vehicle sending him into a nearby light pole and causing his untimely death. A lawsuit brought by the victim's family alleged negligence.

What to know about birth injuries: cerebral and erb's palsy

The birth of a child is one of the most exciting and life-changing events a person will ever experience. With all the preparation comes a bit of nerves for most parents at some point. However, most parents never even dream that their child could be afflicted by a delivery mistake that renders the child with a birth injury. Cerebral and Erb's palsy are two potential life-long injuries associated with birth injuries.

We know PA law when it comes to product liability claims

Products liability is a term that refers to defective products that have in some way come to hurt or injure the consumer or end user. Often times the average person is not familiar with this term, but maybe they ought to be. Manufacturing defects, design defects and marketing defects are more common than many think. Too many Pittsburgh people have had the unfortunate luck of being the end user injured in a products liability situation.

What do I need to do to prove a PA wrongful death suit?

According to Murphy's Law, anything that can happen will happen. Apply this scientific property to accidents where wrongful death has occurred and it seems to match up. Sometimes people pass away from fatal accidents in the most unexpected ways. Sometimes these accidents resulting in fatal death can be attributed to the negligence of another.

Defenses drug companies may use against product liability claims

Pharmaceutical companies play a big role in helping ill and unwell people continue their lives after an injury or illness. They do this by providing pharmaceutical drugs that are then provided over the counter or prescribed by doctors. But what happens when a pill or drug is faulty or doesn't list potential side effects? Believe it or not, these instances do occur and can have disastrous effects on the use of these drugs.