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September 2015 Archives

Birth-injury claim: Elements of caregiver's malpractice

Anxious soon-to-be parents dream of the day their little bundle of joy will enter the world. Most often the parents are focused on how to be the best parents they can be. The last thing on their mind is assessing and double-checking the medical care provided by their doctor and medical professionals. Sadly, mistakes can be made by these professionals that can lead the child to be put at risk. Delivery mistakes can happen and can have adverse affects for the child.

Moving toward recovery after the death of a loved one

The loss of a loved one is almost always a tragic experience. It can be even more tragic when that loss occurs in an environment that is, for all practical purposes, meant to be safe. The families left behind after a loved one has passed away due to a work incident often have a large burden to carry. This burden may be the driving force behind many families' decision to seek reparations for their loved one's untimely death.

What can be done about Pittsburgh nursing home abuse?

When loved ones get older or experience a bad health condition, many families opt to place them in care facilities or nursing homes. Nursing homes are a place that can care for an older person by ensuring that the person has immediate access to medical care if necessary. They also make life easier for people who have a hard time completing daily tasks necessary for a person's well being. A nursing home can help take the stress away of caring for an elder with a medical ailment.

Wrongful death suit spawns reform at PA Allegheny County jail

A few weeks ago, this blog discussed how an inmate at the Allegheny County jail may have been susceptible to sub-par medical care that, ultimately, caused his death. A family member did file a wrongful death suit, the details of which can be read here. Since this case, and others like it, the jail has come under scrutiny for their lack of medical care made available to patients. The Pennsylvanian jail has now released details of their new healthcare plan.

When consumers are injured by defective products

Almost everyone in Pennsylvania has heard scary stories of unsafe toys or other products that go on the market and end up injuring children. We have all heard about nationwide recalls of defective goods. However, when it gets down to a more detailed level, most people have only a vague understanding about how the law deals with these situations.

Proving fault in PA dangerous products liability cases

Did you know that common household products have been prosecuted in the past for being dangerous products? That's right, everyday items have had a record of being inherently dangerous in the past. This means that there are likely some dangerous products presently around Pittsburgh residents every day. For those who have already been injured by a dangerous product and are looking to prove fault, there are a few ways to do this.

What parties could be responsible for your child's birth injury?

The birth of a child is easily one of the most anticipated moments in any Pittsburgh parent's life. Months, and sometimes even years, of preparation happen before the birth of a baby. Most parents never see the tragedy of an injury sustained at birth before it is too late. Sometimes this is at the fault of someone who was responsible for that child's well-being at the time of the birth.