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April 2015 Archives

Pennsylvania car accidents can be due to safety-related defects

Drivers in Pennsylvania can be injured in car accidents for a variety of reasons. However, sometimes the accident is not caused by a negligent driver, but is due to a defect in the motor vehicle itself. Defective vehicles are subject to recalls if there is a safety-related defect. What is a safety-related defect?

What is Erb's palsy and the problems linked to it?

There are few things more exciting to a Pittsburgh couple than the prospect of having a child. While the focus is on all the positive things that can come with a new arrival, there are always potential risks that can come up when a child is born. One such danger is if the child is injured during birth and is found to have Erb's palsy. Erb's palsy can occur when the nerves close to the neck -- known as the brachial plexus -- are affected. They assist with moving and feeling sensation in the shoulder and all the way through to the fingers. If there is weakness, it is known as palsy.

Wrongful death incident claims life of highway worker

People who work in jobs that are considered dangerous in Pennsylvania are aware of their risks when they leave the house. Their families are also keenly aware of their circumstances. Even jobs that are not considered overtly risky can result in a fatal accident. When there is a wrongful death incident, it's imperative that the families of those who died understand how to move forward when seeking compensation after the accident.

Does Pennsylvania have a damage cap for med mal cases?

While many other states in the country have strict limits on what people can collect in damages following a medical malpractice case, Pennsylvania has no such "damage caps." If a person gets injured or dies because of a doctor's negligence, then that person or the family can recover whatever compensation the jury or judge decides to award them.

Bill heading to Senate may limit medical malpractice suits

Congress is considering a bill that may profoundly limit the ability of Pittsburgh residents to get just compensation for medical errors that leave them injured. Although the bill is not yet law, the House of Representatives passed it, and the Senate will debate it in the coming weeks.

How our firm helps victims of nursing home abuse

When Pittsburgh residents send their loved ones to a nursing home, they are usually making a painful but loving decision so that their loved one will receive the best medical care possible. The people of Pennsylvania expect, and have the right to expect, that the nursing homes in this state will help their patients get better or, when that is not possible, provide them with comfort and care.

Nursing home bedroom requirements in Pennsylvania

Nursing homes in Pennsylvania house some of the state's most vulnerable residents. When people are unable to take care of their elderly family member, nursing homes are supposed to be available to take over. These homes are supposed to provide around-the-clock care for patients in need. These facilities, in theory, have access to the medical support and specialized equipment that residents need.