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Certain factors increase medication errors

Anesthesia is an extremely important part of many medical procedures. It helps patients stay out of pain so that doctors and nurses can do their jobs. However, as this blog has discussed in our previous post, anesthesia use is not without risks. In some cases, anesthesia can cause serious health problems or death. While this medication can cause issues, these problems often arise because of a doctor error.

What are the risks of anesthesia?

When people undergo significant medical procedures, they often take comfort in the fact that anesthesia is available. With the right anesthesia, people can have even the most complex of surgical procedures without feeling any pain. At least that is how it is supposed to work. In many cases, doctors can commit anesthesia malpractice, where mistakes are made. These mistakes can range from minor to deadly and can accompany a variety of serious risks.

Consider seeking reparations for your child's birth injury

The birth of child is one of the most joyous and anticipated moments in a parent's life. The little bundle of joy should arrive screaming and perfectly healthy. Most parents experience this moment. Sadly, some parents and children are the victims of a medical decision that renders the baby injured at birth. This can certainly put a damper on the birth and the arrival of a new child.

What is Erb's palsy and the problems linked to it?

There are few things more exciting to a Pittsburgh couple than the prospect of having a child. While the focus is on all the positive things that can come with a new arrival, there are always potential risks that can come up when a child is born. One such danger is if the child is injured during birth and is found to have Erb's palsy. Erb's palsy can occur when the nerves close to the neck -- known as the brachial plexus -- are affected. They assist with moving and feeling sensation in the shoulder and all the way through to the fingers. If there is weakness, it is known as palsy.

Does Pennsylvania have a damage cap for med mal cases?

While many other states in the country have strict limits on what people can collect in damages following a medical malpractice case, Pennsylvania has no such "damage caps." If a person gets injured or dies because of a doctor's negligence, then that person or the family can recover whatever compensation the jury or judge decides to award them.

Commonly misdiagnosed medical conditions

Pennsylvania residents trust their doctors to correctly and accurately diagnose their medical ailments. In most cases, people do not have the medical knowledge to make these diagnosis on their own. Doctors, on the other hand, have years of schooling and practical training that is supposed to give them the ability to spot and treat illness and injuries.

Cervical cancer goes undiagnosed, woman sues

When a person is sick, a doctor is supposed to help. A doctor is supposed to look at all a person's symptoms and make a diagnosis. With the diagnosis, the doctor should begin a treatment plan to treat the injury or illness and get people back in their path to health.

Doctors' smartphone use tied to medical malpractice

Doctors in Pennsylvania and other parts of the country are increasingly tied to their smartphones. Smartphones are very important in the health care field, as many doctors use these devices to access patients' health data. However, increased use comes with disadvantages. Many doctors are becoming distracted by their phones during surgery and other crucial times when focus is of the utmost importance. There is concern that this could lead to an increase in medical malpractice suits.

Over 500 veteran deaths from medical negligence reported

After serving in the military to keep the United States safe, veterans are given particular benefits for their sacrifices. One benefit is the medical service provided by Veterans Affairs hospitals all over the country, including Pennsylvania. However, the medical services of these hospitals are currently under fire after the Veterans Health Administration disclosed that more than 500 veterans died in these hospitals during the last four years due to what can be described as medical negligence.

Court holds cruise line accountable in medical malpractice case

Going on a holiday cruise in the tropics to avoid winter weather probably sounds like a good idea to many Pennsylvanians. Unfortunately, despite their amenities, cruise ships have presented many cases of medical negligence in recent years. Although most cruise ships have doctors, nurses and care centers that look out for the needs of passengers, some are prone to medical mistakes. Until recently, cruise ships were immune to medical malpractice lawsuits, but a recent U.S. appellate court ruling may have changed that.

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