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Medical malpractice trial to begin in PA doctor's death

Doctors are no different than anyone else in the world, and sometimes they get sick or hurt and need medical care from other doctors. This was the case for a 26-year-old Pennsylvania woman when she entered a Plains Township emergency room. The doctor complained of severe and recurring headaches that did not go away. Sadly, the young doctor passed away and her family alleges negligent behavior amounting to medical malpractice on the part of the medical professionals and hospital staff.

Certificate of merit and Pittsburgh medical malpractice claims

There are instances where medical actions or advice do not have a favorable outcome for the patient on the receiving end. When medical treatment is inappropriate or even harmful, it is possible that this is due to doctor or hospital error. Legal claims arising out of these kinds of circumstances are referred to as medical malpractice cases. These claims seek compensation for the financial and emotional woes that Pittsburgh residents affected by medical malpractice have suffered.

Respondeat superior and PA medical malpractice claims

Medical conditions, treatments and surgeries can be some of the most complicated topics Pittsburgh residents may come across in their lifetime. There is a reason that doctors earn so much; it's because they are the experts when it comes to the human body and how to treat it. Sometimes, despite a medical professional's best intentions, there is an error that can have negative implications on a patient's life. Aspects of legal recourse can sometimes seem similarly complicated as topics related to medical care.

Order an autopsy after loved one's death in PA hospital

When a sudden health issue arises most Pittsburgh residents head for their nearest hospital. If there is a medical emergency, this is the normal reaction. However, it has been proven that Pennsylvania hospitals and medical professionals do not always administer care in a way that is beneficial to a patient. Sometimes it can even lead to their death and thus a medical malpractice suit.

Errors related to medical malpractice can have long-term affects

After a devastating bodily injury it can be overwhelming just deciding what a Pittsburgh resident should do next. When that personal injury was suffered at the hands of a doctor or hospital staff, the decision can become even more complicated. People who have suffered injuries at the hands of hospital or doctor error usually have a hard time trusting medical care again, and for good reason. However, there are ways to recoup the financial losses associated with such a personal injury.

Pittsburgh medical malpractice victims may seek recourse

Hospitals aim to offer only the best in medical care prevention, treatment and rehabilitation. But what happens when that treatment is incorrect or even harmful to the patient? Most Pittsburgh residents never imagine that their lives or health could be in danger due to a medical diagnosis or course of treatment. However, this is a possibility, as too many Pittsburgh residents already know.

PA logger awarded over $2M in hospital negligence suit

It is always bittersweet to hear stories about injured people who recover for wrongs made to them or loved ones. Bitter, because it is terrible to hear about their unfortunate situation, but sweet because they won their case alleging negligence. For those who have been afflicted by similar situations, you may be wondering what this case means for you. Read on to hear the details of this man's incident and how he sought compensation for medical negligence.

Birth-injury claim: Elements of caregiver's malpractice

Anxious soon-to-be parents dream of the day their little bundle of joy will enter the world. Most often the parents are focused on how to be the best parents they can be. The last thing on their mind is assessing and double-checking the medical care provided by their doctor and medical professionals. Sadly, mistakes can be made by these professionals that can lead the child to be put at risk. Delivery mistakes can happen and can have adverse affects for the child.

Pittsburgh victims of medical malpractice injury may seek justice

Many doctors and medical professionals pride themselves on their high level of medical care and quality bedside manner. However, many Pittsburgh residents realize that this is not always true because of their own experiences.

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