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Work-related death linked to the use of pesticides at golf course

Workers, especially those who are working in high-risk industries like mining, construction and logging, know that workplace accidents are often just looming around the corner. Here in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, employers do their part in making the workplace safe for all workers. Still, even with all the efforts to prevent accidents, there is always a possibility that it will happen, and when it happens, it can result in a work-related death.

Man injured picking up leaves dies

Workplace death in Allegheny can occur at any juncture during the workday. It can happen with jobs that are known to be dangerous but can also happen with jobs that are not usually considered risky. Work related death and workplace injury are not restricted to the prototypical jobs that are often associated with the unfortunate eventuality.

Pennsylvania worker killed when truck crushes him

A western Pennsylvania industrial worker was killed in a work-related accident at a coal mine. According to reports, the deceased was working on the suspension system of a large earth moving truck when it gave way and crushed him. The mining company does not yet have any further details about the accident and the investigation continues. Unfortunately, one thing is for sure: the deceased's family will have to cope with life without their loved one.