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Product liability: Nap Nanny Infant Recliner causes another death

Product liability often involves defective products that may have caused injuries or death to the consumers. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, consumers should always check for product recalls to ensure that the products that they have bought are safe for personal use. However, sometimes, product defects are not visible. Some defects develop over time. For example, an apparently safe product, such as a bicycle, may have some defects that can cause the bicyclist to lose control, resulting in an accident that can be fatal.

Workers have more than one type of recourse when injuries occur

Product liability refers to the legal liability that producers and manufactures of products bear for the goods that they introduce into the marketplace. If a product is dangerous or harmful to consumers and someone is hurt as a result, the injured person has the right to file a product liability lawsuit against the producer or manufacturer of the product. In fact, that is exactly what happened in the following product liability suit.

Lawsuit against shipbuilders proceeds in Pennsylvania court

In recent United State history, there has been a wave of asbestos-related legal cases. Asbestos is a material that has mainly been used as a component of insulation in different products. It was discovered, however, that asbestos is extremely dangerous to people's health. As a result, there have been numerous product liability suits filed in regards to this material throughout the U.S., including Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania man suffers injury from table saw

There are some machines that Pennsylvania residents may use that have some inherent danger, like a table saw. Although people must exercise reasonable caution when operating such devices, they should not have to fear for their safety and should still be able to operate the machinery without injury. When injuries seem unavoidable, there may be other issues with the product that can support a product liability action in the event that a consumer sustains an injury.

3-D printers' relationship to product liability law

Product liability law as we know it may be changing. The predicted change is based on a recent development in production and manufacturing: 3-D printers. Any product liability lawyer would probably be able to tell our readers that those using such devices and the products they produce should be alert to these possible changes.

Court in Pennsylvania ends product liability case

Injuries and damages are important aspects of product liability cases. These facts are often the facts that receive the most attention in the media. In addition to these elements, however, there are other facts that an individual must highlight to be successful with a product liability case.

Tylenol product liability case filed in Pennsylvania court

Product liability law is aimed at helping keep dangerous or defective products off the market. One Georgia man recently decided to file a product liability law suit in a Pennsylvania court, claiming that the public has not been properly warned about the dangers of one popular over-the-counter medication.

Product liability case may be moving out of PA state court

Litigation can vary significantly. It can involve a few parties from the same state or several different parties, national and international. It can raise easy or complex issues. This is true of all types of cases, including those arising from a product liability claim. Further, sometimes these details will dictate whether the case proceeds in state or federal court.

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