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What design defects could possibly affect Pittsburgh residents?

When it comes to consumer products, few countries are as heavily regulated for safety as the United States. The process and safety tests that consumer products such as cribs, machinery and automobiles have to endure are very rigorous and thorough. However, sometimes these tests do not always catch dangerous design defects in the product. A dangerous product's design lacks safety and could endanger the life of the consumer.

Pittsburgh residents should be aware of product liability

When parents think of the dangers to their family may be exposed, they think of criminals or auto accidents. Most do not think that the products that families use everyday are inherently dangerous. The reality is that any consumer product can become a danger to parents or their children at any given time. There are many reasons products can become dangerous and cause injuries to the user.

After injury, Pennsylvania man sues company

Unless a product is a weapon -- or something meant to inflict harm -- the regular use of a product should not be dangerous. When people purchase consumer goods, they don't expect them to include dangerous product defects that lead to serious accidents and injuries. But, these products are on the market and may result in a products liability suit.

Product liability: federal law on prescription drug safety

Modern medicine has made many advancements in the past several decades. Doctors in Pennsylvania now have a variety of specialized prescription medications to offer patients to treat everything from a common cold to cancer. Prescription medications are supposed to help people overcome deadly illnesses and relieve pain. People rely on this medicine to help, not hurt.

Pennsylvania car accidents can be due to safety-related defects

Drivers in Pennsylvania can be injured in car accidents for a variety of reasons. However, sometimes the accident is not caused by a negligent driver, but is due to a defect in the motor vehicle itself. Defective vehicles are subject to recalls if there is a safety-related defect. What is a safety-related defect?

When dangerous products reach the market, know your rights

Over the last couple of weeks, this blog has been focusing on the specifics of product liability cases. In these blog posts, we have discussed how dangerous product defects can be for Pennsylvania residents. Whether it is a dangerous auto product, defective products or contaminated food, product liability cases can result in serious injuries to innocent people.

What is strict liability in product liability cases?

When products are defective, consumers have the ability to hold manufacturers responsible. Unlike other personal injury cases, however, in product liability cases, a consumer does not need to prove that a company was negligent in order to receive damages. Instead, the rules of strict liability often apply. People who have been injured by a consumer good may wonder -- what is strict liability and how does it apply in product liability cases?

Plastic-filled pierogies recalled by Pennsylvania company

Most Pennsylvania residents rely on companies to provide some or all of the food they eat each day. People trust that these companies are following food safety rules to produce a safe and edible product. However, this trust is often misplaced. Manufacturing errors can lead to contaminated and dangerous food products on Pennsylvania grocery store shelves. These products can lead to consumer injuries and, in some cases, death.

Proving a design defect in a product liability lawsuit

When products are unsafe, injuries can occur. These injuries can change the way Pennsylvania residents live their lives. In some cases, dangerous products can even lead to fatalities. When people are injured by unsafe consumer products, they may search for answers about why the injuries occurred. In some cases, people may find that a design defect was to blame for their injuries.

What are manufacturing defects?

When Pennsylvania residents purchase products, they expect them to work correctly. They also expect them to be safe. While some products have inherent risks -- like knives or ladders -- these risks should be minimized when the products are used safety. Non-dangerous products should not pose any risk of harm to consumers.

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