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Suspicious nursing home death of loved one? We can help

Pennsylvania nursing homes, in many cases, seem to be the best option for elderly loved ones, especially if their health is frail. Nursing homes have obvious benefits that vary depending on a resident's needs. However there are many reasons that families view nursing homes as their number one choice. Round the clock health care, adequate facilities and social reasons are great benefits of nursing homes. Sometimes, though, nursing home care goes terribly wrong.

PA's Monroe County nursing homes receive below average rating

Many people are aware of how helpful and necessary nursing homes can be for loved one's in their golden years. Most residents of nursing homes have good experience and feel comfortable at their new place of residency. However, some are not so lucky and experience neglectful, negligent or abusive situations that threaten their health. Recently, Pennsylvania's Monroe County's nursing homes were given a below average rating in comparison to the quality of nursing homes across the state.

Nursing home death victims and family need advocates

It can be a difficult decision, the one where family members decide to place a mother, grandparent, or loved one in a nursing home facility. These facilities often have a lot to offer in the way of healthcare and other benefits to the resident. However, nursing home neglect may be a concern, as this has resulted in cases of premature death.

Nursing home deaths matter

Nursing homes, or elderly care facilities, are a common housing option for older people. This is because old age often comes with its own health complications and inability to properly care for one's self. These facilities have the responsibility for the health and well-being of their residents. But what happens when this duty is breached and causes the premature death of an elderly Pittsburgh resident?

How to prove negligence in a case of PA nursing home abuse?

The elderly are some of the most respected members of society in that they have seen and endured things the younger generations never have and never will. Their wisdom has come from many years of experience. This is why it makes it so hard to hear about cases in which the elderly have suffered nursing home abuse or neglect in Pittsburgh. There are ways that this can be proven in a court of law.

Rights of Pittsburgh nursing home residents

With many of the baby-boomer generation hitting an age that may require additional care, many Pittsburgh residents are turning to nursing homes as a solution for long-term care. Whether a medical condition or cognitive ability has left elderly Pittsburgh residents in need of care, nursing homes are available to fill that void. Scarily enough, some nursing homes do not treat their patients in a way that is appropriate. Mistreatment can lead to nursing home neglect injury or even death.

Pittsburgh's nursing home residents are at risk of neglect

As Pittsburgh's elderly population continues to grow exponentially, there is an increase in the demand for nursing homes and other care facilities for this generation. While nursing homes can be a great solution for the elderly and their family, sometimes residents of nursing homes do not receive the best care. This can result in nursing home neglect or even nursing home deaths. However, health care professionals and the general public may not understand the full extent of the problem. In fact, studies have been conducted in order to gain a clearer understanding into this problem.

What can be done about Pittsburgh nursing home abuse?

When loved ones get older or experience a bad health condition, many families opt to place them in care facilities or nursing homes. Nursing homes are a place that can care for an older person by ensuring that the person has immediate access to medical care if necessary. They also make life easier for people who have a hard time completing daily tasks necessary for a person's well being. A nursing home can help take the stress away of caring for an elder with a medical ailment.

Pittsburgh-area nursing homes fall below national average

The state of Pennsylvania has the fourth-highest percentage of residents who are 65 and older. Due to this large senior population, Pennsylvania also has a large network of nursing homes and senior care centers. However, as any Pittsburgh nursing home abuse lawyer knows, not all nursing homes provide the same level of care.

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