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What is fetal distress and how does it relate to birth injuries?

While it may be true that giving birth these days is safer than ever, residents of Pittsburgh should never underestimate the fact that serious complications can arise during the labor and delivery process. If not properly responded to, these complications could cause a birth injury to the newborn infant, or even cause the infant to die. For these reasons, it is important for physicians to understand the signs of fetal distress.

Get the compensation your child needs after a birth injury

While the birth of a new child is an exciting time for a family, it can also be a frightening time. At any step in the birth process, something can go wrong that affects the health of the mother, the baby or both. In prefer to minimize the risk of a dangerous situation, many people rely on medical professionals. Doctors, nurses or midwives are hired to oversee the birth process and avoid injuries.

Drugs may have played a role in fatal bus-train accident

Often, poor or unusual weather can be a nightmare for drivers. Natural phenomena such as dense fog or heavy wind and rain can force drivers to slow down or pull over because visibility becomes so bad-and even then, accidents still happen because of the weather. However, not all accidents that happen during weather events can be attributed to the weather. As any wrongful death attorney knows, accidents may still be caused by the negligent actions of others.

Suit over wrongful death at University of Pennsylvania party settled

Many people think of college parties as they are depicted in the movies-loud and raucous with the alcohol flowing. Students may be left with nothing much worse than a hangover the next day. But any Pittsburgh wrongful death lawyer knows that the combination of young people and alcohol can result in bigger problems than a mere hangover, including injury or even death.

Pennsylvania medical malpractice suit prompts inquiry into hospital

When patients go to a doctor's office or hospital, they expect to receive competent care. Patients want to know that they can have confidence not only in the method of care and the doctor's abilities, but also in any test results upon which the doctor has relied as any Pennsylvania medical malpractice attorney knows.

Family sues oxygen company for wrongful death of mother

Caring for an aging or ill family member can be challenging and stressful at times. Arranging the best care for that family member is often a top priority. When choosing care providers, one key aspect for the family is that the provider is reliable. Failure on the part of the provider to perform as expected can be deadly, as any wrongful death lawyer knows.

Pittsburgh-area nursing home sued by patient's family

The decision to place a loved one in a nursing home is never an easy one to make. The task of finding the best care and a comfortable living situation for a family member while avoiding potential negligence or abuse can be challenging, as any Pittsburgh nursing home abuse lawyer knows.

Weak economy puts a strain on Pittsburgh nursing home

Sending a loved one to a nursing home is never an easy choice. Pittsburgh family members must research nursing home facilities and avoid those where nursing home negligence is evident. In the weakened economy, though, even the most high-quality nursing homes are suffering financially, forcing them to close down some units, or in some cases, close down entire facilities due to lack of funds for an adequate staff and necessary supplies.

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