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What is fetal distress and how does it relate to birth injuries?

While it may be true that giving birth these days is safer than ever, residents of Pittsburgh should never underestimate the fact that serious complications can arise during the labor and delivery process. If not properly responded to, these complications could cause a birth injury to the newborn infant, or even cause the infant to die. For these reasons, it is important for physicians to understand the signs of fetal distress.

Get the compensation your child needs after a birth injury

While the birth of a new child is an exciting time for a family, it can also be a frightening time. At any step in the birth process, something can go wrong that affects the health of the mother, the baby or both. In prefer to minimize the risk of a dangerous situation, many people rely on medical professionals. Doctors, nurses or midwives are hired to oversee the birth process and avoid injuries.

Suit over wrongful death at University of Pennsylvania party settled

Many people think of college parties as they are depicted in the movies-loud and raucous with the alcohol flowing. Students may be left with nothing much worse than a hangover the next day. But any Pittsburgh wrongful death lawyer knows that the combination of young people and alcohol can result in bigger problems than a mere hangover, including injury or even death.

Trial for wrongful death of Pennsylvania woman begins

Everyone relies on utilities companies to provide access to necessary services, such as power, water and gas. Implicit in this reliance is the trust that all of the components required will be installed and maintained properly and safely. Any wrongful death lawyer knows that one mistake in installation, particularly when dealing with electricity, can be deadly.

Pennsylvania widow awarded $3.2 million in wrongful death suit

Losing a loved one in an accident can be devastating and can leave family members feeling confused, angry and anxious to seek retribution for their loss. Any Pittsburgh wrongful death lawyer knows how families struggle when an accident claims the life of a loved one.

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