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Without proper warnings, consumer goods can be dangerous

Oftentimes when Pittsburgh residents buy an item at the store they have a reasonably good idea of what the product should be used for. For example, they may buy a cleaning product to use in their home or they may buy a power drill to perform household maintenance and repairs. In either case, the purchase of the item was likely due to a need that the person needed fulfilling in order to improve the state of his or her life.

Falling dressers hurt many children each year

There is no question that if a child thinks they can climb on something, they will. Whether it is a ladder, a play structure or a piece of furniture, if a child can get their hands on it there is a good chance that they will try to get on top of it. Our readers in Pittsburgh who are parents may easily remember instances of finding their little ones up on top of tables, counters and other household surfaces where they had no business being.

How courts assess unavoidably unsafe products

While watching the evening news, a Pittsburgh resident may see one of the many commercials that pharmaceutical companies air to advertise their prescription drugs. During one of these ads the commercial may list some of the drug's potential side effects, and some of those potential complications may be life-threatening. A viewer may wonder why a company would market a drug to treat a medical condition when that drug could result in death.

Fire extinguishers subject to defects recalled

When a Pittsburgh resident purchases a new item at the store they expect that it will work the way it is intended to perform once they have gotten it out of its packaging and completed any set up processes that are necessary for its functioning. It is usually apparent quite quickly if a product is good or if it suffers from a problem. Unfortunately, some consumer products may possess defects that are not discoverable until their use is required in serious circumstances.

Drop-Side Cribs: a Case Study on a Products Liability Issue

Newborns are a blessing to their parents, but that does not mean that they are not a lot of work. Exhausted parents all across Pennsylvania have undoubtedly spent many sleepless nights attempting to soothe their cranky babes to sleep or researching causes for their little ones' distress. Because babies can be such handfuls, it is not uncommon for parents to jump at the chance to purchase products that claim to ease the difficulties of caring for newborns. Although many of these products can be godsends for stressed mothers and fathers others can come into their homes with dangers no parent could anticipate.

Injuries from product defects can be compensable

When used as they were intended, most of the products that Pittsburgh residents bring home from their favorite stores are safe and pose no dangers to their users. Purchasers of new products may have to read the instructions that accompany their new acquisitions in order to fully understand how the items operate, but generally new consumer goods function safely and as expected for those who choose to buy them.

What are manufacturing defects, and how may they cause injuries?

When Pittsburgh residents go to their favorite stores and buy items off of the shelves, they are usually purchasing goods that had to be manufactured in order to be sold. Manufacturing is a process that makes a product into what it is intended to be out of the different components that are necessary to create it. The manufacturing process for a product may be complex or simple, and that process will greatly depend on the type of item that is intended to be made.

Massive airbag inflator recall leads to company's bankruptcy

Although there are many precautionary measures in place to assure a customer's safety and wellbeing while using products in the United States, there still may be dangerous products out on the market that could seriously injure or even kill a consumer. This week, the aftermath of the largest automotive parts recall in history left the Japanese company Takata Corp bankrupt, following a massive recall of their airbags that left at least 17 dead throughout the world.

Protecting yourself from dangerous products

Americans are one of the largest consumers of products in the world. While products produced in the United States have to adhere to laws and regulations designed to assure the safety of consumers, there are still instances where a product can become dangerous or even deadly.

Who is responsible for dangerous products?

Although the United States has various laws in place to protect consumers, on occasion an error may cause a hazardous product out on the market, jeopardizing the health and well-being of customers. This may occur from an oversight during the design process, inferior or flawed parts, or in factories where food is being produced, the element of a hazardous disease or tarnished food.

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