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Pennsylvania car accidents can be due to safety-related defects

Drivers in Pennsylvania can be injured in car accidents for a variety of reasons. However, sometimes the accident is not caused by a negligent driver, but is due to a defect in the motor vehicle itself. Defective vehicles are subject to recalls if there is a safety-related defect. What is a safety-related defect?

When dangerous products reach the market, know your rights

Over the last couple of weeks, this blog has been focusing on the specifics of product liability cases. In these blog posts, we have discussed how dangerous product defects can be for Pennsylvania residents. Whether it is a dangerous auto product, defective products or contaminated food, product liability cases can result in serious injuries to innocent people.

What are manufacturing defects?

When Pennsylvania residents purchase products, they expect them to work correctly. They also expect them to be safe. While some products have inherent risks -- like knives or ladders -- these risks should be minimized when the products are used safety. Non-dangerous products should not pose any risk of harm to consumers.

Why should Pennsylvanians avoid soft baby bedding?

Although most Pennsylvania parents take great care determining which baby products to use, the most seemingly innocuous products can hurt a baby and sometimes even result in death. Readers may be surprised to learn that soft bedding is one product that has caused a number of infant deaths.

Should Pennsylvania parents be concerned about toy safety?

A new toy can provide hours of fun and joy to a Pennsylvania child, making the gift of new toy seem harmless. Toy design and manufacture have evolved through the years. At times commercial success takes a backseat to structural integrity of a toy, making toys a potential source of danger rather than enjoyment for a child. For this reason, it is important for all parents, including Pennsylvania parents, to be more discerning of the toys they give their children.

Why should Pennsylvanians be careful when buying nursery items?

Parents, as well as relatives and friends, often get excited when there is a baby around. The little bundle of joy is often showered with gifts, particularly nursery items. However, parents, including those in Pennsylvania, should be cautious when buying nursery products for small children.

Looking out for product liability victims this holiday season

With Christmas fast approaching, many Pennsylvanians will trudge to the nearest shopping mall to get some early holiday shopping done. The expected influx of customers also means that manufacturers, as well as retailers, will be handing out discounted items and even introduce new products to make sure their cash registers keep ringing throughout the holidays. However, as Pennsylvanians go about their shopping, they need to be careful because they may get more than they bargained for.

What can Pennsylvanians do when they buy a defective product?

Every day, millions of products ranging from food to clothes to toys to appliances are manufactured and sent out to consumers in Pennsylvania and across the United States to use. However, many products may have defects that can cause injuries and even fatalities. Although most of those products are safe to use, there are some that can be hazardous to consumers. It is in the best interests of Pennsylvanians to know if they have a viable product in their hands or a product liability case waiting to happen.

Defective airbags may lead to product liability cases

There is no doubt that Pennsylvanians know how essential airbags are. Airbags were designed to protect drivers and passengers in case of a crash. This safety feature has saved countless lives and prevented serious injuries. However, that may not be the case for certain airbags manufactured by one corporation. Instead of being safe, the airbags can cause drivers and passengers to sustain serious injuries and can even cost them their lives.

Pennsylvania lawsuit claims medication led to baby's death

One of the more difficult situations Pennsylvania parents can experience is when their young children get sick. Children, being young and sensitive, can be hard to medicate. For this reason, medicine specifically designed for children is used. However, like all medicines, there may be side effects that can be detrimental to the children's health, and in a worst case scenario, can even lead to their deaths. A lawsuit claiming that a child lost his life because of taking a particular drug could highlight the need to investigate such medicines.

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