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Families of Pittsburgh flood victims bring wrongful death suits

Losing a family member in a tragic accident can be a traumatic and devastating time. And any wrongful death attorney knows that loss is even more heart-rending when a single accident claims the lives of multiple family members.

Pittsburgh-area woman hit by truck, killed while jogging

Fitness buffs who take to the streets to get their exercise are no stranger to the risks posed by running on or along public roads, and often wear gear specially designed for safety, such as reflective vests and other reflective items, so that drivers can see them. However, any Pittsburgh wrongful death lawyer knows that the danger of a pedestrian getting hit by a car is all too real and can end tragically.

Pittsburgh-area nursing homes fall below national average

The state of Pennsylvania has the fourth-highest percentage of residents who are 65 and older. Due to this large senior population, Pennsylvania also has a large network of nursing homes and senior care centers. However, as any Pittsburgh nursing home abuse lawyer knows, not all nursing homes provide the same level of care.

Pennsylvania veterans improperly medicated in nursing homes

When loved ones are placed in nursing homes, family members must trust in those nursing homes and the doctors, nurses and other caregivers there to properly care for their patients. Everything from comfortable living areas, healthy food, and appropriate medical treatments should be taken into account when evaluating whether a nursing home is the right place for a loved one in need of care. Every Pittsburgh nursing home abuse lawyer knows how important the proper administration of medications can be for those who live in nursing homes.

Pennsylvania hospitals check for possible tainted drug

When patients enter a hospital for treatment, they may be anxious or worried about the treatment or procedure itself and any possible side effects. However, any Pennsylvania product liability lawyer knows that sometimes unforeseen consequences can occur when the products and supplies used by the hospital are defective or tainted.

Weak economy puts a strain on Pittsburgh nursing home

Sending a loved one to a nursing home is never an easy choice. Pittsburgh family members must research nursing home facilities and avoid those where nursing home negligence is evident. In the weakened economy, though, even the most high-quality nursing homes are suffering financially, forcing them to close down some units, or in some cases, close down entire facilities due to lack of funds for an adequate staff and necessary supplies.

Wrongful Death Suit Brought Against Gas-Industry Companies

The workplace can become dangerous for many reasons; everything from asbestos exposure to defective machinery can pose a threat. Less commonly, unstable co-workers create their own dangers. In a tragic example, a business meeting last year in the Pittsburgh area turned into a confrontation leading to a deadly attack between two co-workers. A wrongful death lawsuit was recently filed in a local court against the two companies responsible for arranging the meeting.

Pittsburgh Officials Push Flu Vaccines for Nursing Home Workers

Nursing home residents in Pittsburgh and across the country are vulnerable to their environment. Substandard facilities, resources or care can leave the elderly exposed to neglect or abuse. Nursing home negligence is a complex issue that calls for coordinated action from law enforcement, regulatory agencies and the public.

Pittsburgh Hospital Sued for Negligence

Recently, a woman from Kansas filed a lawsuit against the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, alleging the hospital acted negligently. While the woman was never personally treated at the hospital, she contends the Pittsburgh hospital's lack of action is partially to blame for a disease she contracted in a Kansas hospital. While medical malpractice lawsuits often address medical errors, this suit concerns the hospital's failure to act.

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