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Does Pennsylvania have a damage cap for med mal cases?

While many other states in the country have strict limits on what people can collect in damages following a medical malpractice case, Pennsylvania has no such "damage caps." If a person gets injured or dies because of a doctor's negligence, then that person or the family can recover whatever compensation the jury or judge decides to award them.

Bill heading to Senate may limit medical malpractice suits

Congress is considering a bill that may profoundly limit the ability of Pittsburgh residents to get just compensation for medical errors that leave them injured. Although the bill is not yet law, the House of Representatives passed it, and the Senate will debate it in the coming weeks.

Over 500 veteran deaths from medical negligence reported

After serving in the military to keep the United States safe, veterans are given particular benefits for their sacrifices. One benefit is the medical service provided by Veterans Affairs hospitals all over the country, including Pennsylvania. However, the medical services of these hospitals are currently under fire after the Veterans Health Administration disclosed that more than 500 veterans died in these hospitals during the last four years due to what can be described as medical negligence.

Court holds cruise line accountable in medical malpractice case

Going on a holiday cruise in the tropics to avoid winter weather probably sounds like a good idea to many Pennsylvanians. Unfortunately, despite their amenities, cruise ships have presented many cases of medical negligence in recent years. Although most cruise ships have doctors, nurses and care centers that look out for the needs of passengers, some are prone to medical mistakes. Until recently, cruise ships were immune to medical malpractice lawsuits, but a recent U.S. appellate court ruling may have changed that.

Investigators cite medical negligence in Joan Rivers' death

Many Pennsylvanians loved Joan Rivers, and some loathed her. Her wit and humor, whether on TV or the red carpet or onstage, was brash and unflinching. For most people, the sudden death of the 81-yer-old comedian and TV personality came as a shock. She reportedly died while undergoing what were supposed to be routine medical procedures. Almost immediately afterward, New York state authorities began investigating to determine if medical negligence was involved in her death.

Making sense out of medical negligence cases

Imagine losing a loved one because of a medical error. Still grieving from the loss, you realize that you not only lost a loved one but you will also have to pay a significant amount of money for medical costs and other miscellaneous expenses. Then there are also the funeral costs to consider. If your loved one was the primary earner for the family, this also means that the household income has been compromised. In reality, this is what many medical negligence victims go through. Fortunately, our Pittsburgh law firm can help you make sense of the situation.

When is a medical complication considered medical negligence?

Infections and other medical complications can occur even after a visit to the best hospitals in Pennsylvania. After all, medical practitioners, despite their education, training, numerous years of experience and exceptional skill, are only human and prone to possible errors. However, not all complications are caused by human error, some are just a patient's bodily responses to medication, operation or treatment and are considered normal reactions. So how does a patient know if the complication is medical negligence or just within the norm?

What should Pennsylvanians do when medical malpractice occurs?

Medical negligence in the United States has risen to a shocking rate. In fact, the Journal of the American Medical Association reports that medical negligence currently ranks as the third highest cause of death in the country. Only heart disease and cancer rank higher. With such a high risk for something that is clearly preventable, Pennsylvanians should be aware of the prevalence of medical malpractice and ways to protect themselves.

Medical malpractice: preventable medical deaths hit record high

When thinking about death, Pennsylvanians may often think about fatal accidents and illnesses like cancer and heart disease. While the two diseases do top the charts in terms of causing deaths in this country, the third leading cause can be quite surprising: medical errors. Medical errors may not only cause health complications, but they can also cost them their lives. The more disturbing fact is that such medical errors are very much preventable.

Medical malpractice and the dirty truth about drug addiction

As Pennsylvania readers already know, medical malpractice has serious consequences, which often include a patient's permanent loss of health and quality of life. Even if one were to set the politics of malpractice aside, there are still certain instances when everyone can agree that the egregious misconduct of members of the medical community need to be addressed and addressed aggressively. Pittsburgh readers might find the following information on medical malpractice and the American prescription drug epidemic interesting.

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