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Pittsburgh workers and military members facing asbestos risks

Pittsburghers, especially those born and raised in the city of three rivers or its surrounding regions are typically proud Pennsylvania residents who generally love their sports teams, their neighbors and any visitor who happens to come upon their doorsteps. Pittsburgh has ranked high on friendliest city lists more than once in the past. That's why it's so sad that many workers and members of the U.S. military from the area are at great risk for asbestos-related injuries.

Pennsylvanians should be aware of the most dangerous jobs

Ideally, hardworking Pennsylvanians should not have to put their lives on the line every time they report to work. However, despite safety measures, there are some jobs that are just inherently dangerous. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that in 2012, almost 4,400 workplace deaths occurred in the United States. Although the figure is down from the previous year's 4,693 fatalities, one death is always too many. The BLS listed the professions that incurred the most number of injuries and deaths.

OSHA investigates worker death in Amazon's Carlile warehouse

Any Pennsylvanian who works for a living has the right to expect that his or her workplace is safe and does not present unnecessary risks. Many jobs present some risks, but when extraordinary risks present the possibility of a work related death or injury in the course of a worker's fulfillment of his or her job duties, then the company can and should be held liable if something happens to a worker.

Business cited for serious violations two years in a row

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) of the U.S. Department of Labor is the federal agency tasked with enforcing federal workplace health and safety laws in the U.S. The Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1974 applies to the majority of private sector workers and employers, as well as to some public sector employers throughout the U.S. When a work related death or injury occurs, OSHA is responsible for the investigation.

Man injured picking up leaves dies

Workplace death in Allegheny can occur at any juncture during the workday. It can happen with jobs that are known to be dangerous but can also happen with jobs that are not usually considered risky. Work related death and workplace injury are not restricted to the prototypical jobs that are often associated with the unfortunate eventuality.

Pennsylvania worker killed when truck crushes him

A western Pennsylvania industrial worker was killed in a work-related accident at a coal mine. According to reports, the deceased was working on the suspension system of a large earth moving truck when it gave way and crushed him. The mining company does not yet have any further details about the accident and the investigation continues. Unfortunately, one thing is for sure: the deceased's family will have to cope with life without their loved one.

Tree-trimmer killed on the job

Many career paths, especially those involving manual labor, can also involve some inherent risks for workers. These risks can be minor, such as bruises, cuts, muscle pulls or even broken limbs. However, for those jobs that also require use of tools and heavy machinery, or those that involve heights or proximity to other dangerous elements, the risk of injury can be significantly increased -- and the injuries themselves can be more severe.

Cherry-picker accident kills bridge inspector

Many fields of industry require regular inspections by safety officials to make sure that the various component parts, as well as the finished product, are up to par and safe for their intended uses. While these individuals are looking out for the safety of the workers and the public who will be around these items, their jobs involve an some level of risk.

Industrial insulation worker killed in power station accident

Working in the construction field can be a hazardous occupation. Such workers frequently use tools and materials that require a high level of skill and equal measures of caution-and even when safety measures are in place, a workplace injury can still happen.

Pennsylvania employer cited for fluting worker safety standards

Many Pittsburgh residents may know that workers in the United States enjoy a good deal of rights. However, that does not mean that the workplace is completely free of danger. Companies that cut corners or act carelessly toward their employees can cause a work related death or injury.