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What damages are recoverable for nursing home abuse claims?

Abuse against elderly men and women in nursing homes is a national problem and instances of nursing home abuse and neglect happen all too frequently in Pennsylvania. When negligence and criminal conduct cause nursing home residents to suffer losses, they may be entitled to pursue their damages in the courts. There are different types of damages that victims of nursing home abuse may be able to collect.

Multiple legal claims may apply to a nursing home negligence case

When a Pennsylvania resident has a grievance against another person they may be able to match a legal claim to the events of their situation. This legal action, in turn, may allow them to recover damages for their economic and noneconomic damages. Successfully pursuing one of these claims requires a victim to build their case based on the facts at hand, putting forth legal arguments to show that they satisfy the legal elements of the cause of action they have decided to pursue. Some legal cases are based on single claims, but it is possible for a single accident or event to give rise to multiple causes of action.

Injuries from fall lead to death of nursing home resident

A nursing home is a place where a person should receive treatment and care for their ailments. In most cases Pennsylvania residents who enter nursing homes are adequately provided with the services they require so that they may heal and live their best lives. In some cases, though, nursing homes fail to provide their residents with necessary and important medical care that can result in the residents' deaths.

What is nursing home neglect?

Sad stories are sometimes reported on the Pittsburgh evening news that describe the unsafe and neglectful conditions that children are forced to live in before they are taken by protective services and placed in new homes. It is a tragedy for anyone to suffer in a residence where their basic needs are not met, and children are not the only population that can be victimized by others through neglect. The elderly and those who rely on the support of nursing and care homes can greatly suffer when they do not receive what they need from their care providers.

What is the Nursing Home Reform Act?

Nursing homes throughout Pennsylvania receive funding from a variety of sources. While many collect fees from the residents who utilize their services, others receive state and federal money. Some receive financial aid from government programs, such as Medicare and Medicaid, and those that do are required to abide by the terms of the Nursing Home Reform Act.

Might bed sores be a sign of nursing home neglect or abuse?

Pressure sores, known more commonly as "bed sores," are sores that form when a part of the body is not moved for a long time. For example, an ailing Pittsburgh resident who cannot get out of bed for many days may develop a bed sore if they are left in the same position for much of their convalescence. The weight of the person's body causes blood to be cut off from the location of the sore and the sore forms due to this deficiency.

Know your rights before entering a nursing home

A Pennsylvania resident has to give up a lot when they decide that it is time to move into a residential care facility or nursing home. They may have to stop driving and may have to rely on others to fix their meals and help them take their medications. They may also need support bathing, using the restroom, and even getting dressed. Entering a nursing home can mean giving up a great deal of independence in exchange for getting help with important everyday tasks.

Nursing home death shines light on all too common tragedies

The nursing home death of an American woman in a neighboring cold-weather state may have caught the attention of Pennsylvanians. The incredibly tragic and preventable nature of her death has brought the story to national headlines and once again brings attention to the very real threats that individuals can face when they enter nursing and residential homes that fail to protect their health and safety.

What to look for when selecting a nursing home

A nursing or care home should be a comfortable place where a loved one may find care and support for their medical and occupational needs. Though not all nursing homes are fancy, many provide aging Pennsylvanians with safe places to live out their years under the care of individuals who truly have their best interests in mind. Individuals rarely hear about these types of facilities, though, as it is often the dangerous and abuse-ridden nursing homes that appear as stories on the evening news.

Claims may exist for a nursing home death

When a loved one dies it can be a traumatic experience for those who they have left behind. Particularly when the deceased party passes on unexpectedly, the experience can be difficult for the survivors to accept. While accidents and sudden illnesses claim the lives of Pennsylvanians each and every day, deaths in nursing homes are also a source of unexpected losses.